Types of Elm Trees for Sale


Types of Elm Trees for Sale

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  1. New Horizon Elm Zones: 4-9
    As low as $99.19
  2. Accolade Elm Zones: 5-8
    As low as $108.79
  3. American Elm Zones: 2-9
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  4. Lacebark Elm Tree Zones: 5-10
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  5. Princeton Elm Tree Zones: 4-9
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  6. New Harmony Elm Zones: 4-9
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  7. Triumph Elm Tree Zones: 4-9
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  8. Drake Chinese Elm Tree Zones: 6-9
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  9. Frontier Elm Zones: 5 - 10
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  10. Bosque Elm Zones: 5-9
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  11. Choice City Elm Zones: 5 - 8
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  12. Patriot Elm Zones: 5-9
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  13. Allée® Elm Zones: 4-9
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Elm Trees for Sale at Nature Hills Nursery

Stately Elm trees were one of the go-to trees for lawn shade in years past. Their lithe branch structure and dark green, textured, toothed leaves are instantly recognizable.

Tall, vase-shaped Elm trees arched up and over the shaded boulevards and avenues. Thousands of "Elm Streets" across the United States were planted in monoculture street tree plantings, with the same species planted over and over again.

fall elm tree

Rows of impeccable American Elm trees (Ulmus americana) deciduous shade trees graced our cities and towns. Unfortunately, planting a single species of trees across vast areas could backfire if something went wrong. And something did.

It was a perfect storm. A tragic shipment of fungus-ridden lumber brought the dreaded Dutch Elm disease from the Netherlands in the 1930s. Bark beetles spread the fungal Dutch Elm Disease, which virtually decimated the American Elm in many areas.

But all was not lost. A very special tree was found in Princeton, New Jersey that had weathered this invasive disease.

The Princeton Elm tree is a rugged American Elm tree that proved impervious to this devastating disease. It was carefully cultivated for the nursery trade, and a true American comeback story was born!

Disease-Resistant American Elm Trees for Sale

far shot elm tree

Nature Hills Nursery is a real leader in the Green Industry. We were the first online plant nursery to work with Plant Sentry™, a shipping management system for regulated plant materials.

Buy Elm Trees from NatureHills.com and Shop Responsibly >>

We are committed to protecting and improving our precious natural resources. Following all Federal and State regulations, Plant Sentry helps us block shipments of regulated plants into sensitive ecosystems.

Don't give up on the magnificent native American Elm. The plant scientists we're proud to work with haven't.

Find healthy species of Elm trees for sale at Nature Hills Nursery for an eco-conscious choice. You'll get high-quality, disease-resistant Elm tree varieties to cast delightfully refreshing shade on you and your family.

You'll certainly be a hero to Painted Lady butterflies. They use Elm trees as a larval host plant. Eastern Comma butterflies and Question Mark butterflies do the same.

Different Types of Elm Trees for Sale

The American Elm tree is making a comeback. Be aware that there are several common names for Ulmus americana, such as Water Elm, White Elm, and Common Elm.

There are now many Elms that have been cultivated and have a resistance to Dutch Elm Disease. These include Lacebark Elm, Frontier Elm, and the New Horizon Elm.

People are excited about using the majestic Elm tree in their landscapes once again. We are busy bringing new cultivars online, giving you different types of Elm trees for sale from which to choose.

Valley Forge American Elm is highly resistant to both Dutch Elm Disease and Elm Leaf Bark Beetles. This introduction by the U.S. National Arboretum makes a showy large shade tree that can soar to 80 feet tall.

Fast-growing trees like Patriot Elm are a compact, improved hybrid introduced by the National Arboretum. For smaller landscapes, try planting the Frontier Elm and enjoy the beauty of its stunning fall colors!

City planners love this showy variety. Patriot Elm is incredibly urban tolerant, disease-resistant, and is not susceptible to Dutch Elm disease.

Accolade Elm is another disease-resistant hybrid cultivar from Chicagoland Grows. You won't believe how fast this well-balanced Elm tree grows, especially while young.

Nature Hills Nursery plant experts are thrilled to grow and sell Zelkova trees online. These Japanese, Siberian, and Chinese Elm trees are widely adaptable and low-maintenance.

Natural dwarf City Sprite Japanese Zelkova puts up with tough conditions, including periodic drought. It stays petite and makes a wonderful shade tree for small space gardens.

Outstanding Green Vase Zelkova grows quickly into a narrow, uniform canopy. This is a perfect choice for fall Elm tree color.

There are even weeping varieties of Elm trees for sale. A variant of European White Elm, Camperdown Elm creates a vision in the landscape with its lyrical, contorted branches.

Planting and Growing Tips for Elm Trees

Elms are deciduous trees that are dense and fast-growing. Some are quite disease-resistant. They are easy to maintain and long-lived; some are reported to be more than 300 years old.

Please read the Plant Highlights on every product page. Most Elm trees grow best in full sun and well-drained soil that remains moist, but not sopping wet.

Plan for the mature height and spread listed. Some types of Elm trees grow into large trees, so give them plenty of room to grow into a desirable shade tree.

Read #ProPlantTips on How to Grow Healthy Plants >>

Stop Stressing Your Plants With Bad Air Circulation >>

Track your Nature Hills Nursery boxes all the way to your doorstep. Open them up and give your trees a long drink, saturating the soil to fully hydrate them.

Dig your planting hole twice as wide as the root system, but no deeper. Don't plant your Elm tree too deeply.

Our Elms have a reputation for being hardy and able to survive in tough locations. It is a shade tree that thrives in very tough soil.

Elms are urban tolerant, and they even grow well in soils with a wide range of pH levels. Be sure to include Nature Hills Root Booster with your order.

This symbiotic formula supports the tiny feeder roots and never wears out. Follow directions during planting to give Elm tree roots lifelong help as they uptake nutrients from the soil.

Once their fibrous root systems are well established, Elm trees survive a variety of weather conditions. We do recommend supplemental water during the first season and in extended drought to protect your investment.

Mulch over the root zone to a depth of three inches. Always pull mulch back away from directly touching the main trunk.

Low-maintenance Elms usually need very little trimming to correct the canopy. Be sure to complete any corrective pruning only in early spring. Don't wait until later when the Elm bark beetles come out.

Fertilize with a good, slow-release tree formula in early spring. Reapply according to the directions.

Proper care and regular inspection are good ideas for all trees. Please do not store Elm firewood, as it's a breeding ground for Elm bark beetles.

Good garden hygiene is a small price to enjoy the coveted good looks of Elm trees once again. Create your own allée, or covered drive or pathway with help from the tree experts at Nature Hills Nursery.

Rather than a single species planting, consider using a mix of different types of Elm trees or different types of trees for a thoroughly modern planting. Elm and Oak trees work beautifully together in a park-like setting, and we have such an amazing collection of oak and Elm trees for sale!

Biodiversity is a good thing. Try a series of three Elm trees, then three Oak trees, alternating between a total of five species for a terrifically healthy and handsome landscape feature.

Churches, businesses, corporate campuses, and universities should take a page out of city planners. Incorporate disease-resistant Elm trees in your planting mix for good looks and great shade.

Be a bold enthusiast and educator for our fantastic Elm trees. Spread the word that we have disease-resistant Elm trees for sale while picking up a few for yourself. If you see a Chinese Elm, American Elm or other specific type you adore, order it quickly. Our trees tend to sell out fast. Place your order today.