Cypress Trees

Cypress Trees

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Tough, Versatile Cypress Trees 

Cypress trees encompass a large group of trees all mostly grown in the northern temperate zone. The most extensively grown cypress trees in the United States are probably the Bald and Pond Cypress trees. These trees are long-lived, hardy, and quite adaptable to many conditions. Pond cypress has the unique ability to survive and thrive in standing water. Bald cypress can survive in watery conditions and also excel in dryer upland locations.

Cypress trees have good disease tolerance and grow quickly, making them great to use in many landscape settings. These fast-growing trees often withstand poor soils and some species are noted for their drought tolerance.

The cypress has been around for thousands of years; however, despite their longevity, trees generally do not exceed 70 feet tall. In fact, many cypress trees average about 40 feet. Many gardeners and homeowners plant cypress trees in rows as privacy barriers or privacy screens. Cypress trees are also wonderful windbreaks that can block out noise, wind, and intrusions, and feature a unique, feathery appearance that complements many gardens.