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Cypress Trees for Sale

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Cypress Trees for Sale at Nature Hills Nursery

Diverse Cypress trees (Cupressus) are members of the vast Cupressaceae family. Others include Bald Cypress (Taxodium), Japanese Cypress (Cryptomeria), and False Cypress (Chamaecyparis).

Their straight trunks soar high up into the air. Site Cypress trees where they'll have room to spread without removing the lower limbs for a majestic appeal.

Often, Cypress trees are confused with Arborvitae (Thuja)But the endearing Cypress tree features flat scale-like leaves held so tightly that they look like braided twine.

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Each cultivar has wild and wonderful features unique to itself. Luckily, all members of this large family become wonderfully easy-care and durable when given the proper growing conditions.

Go ahead and embolden your outdoor living with high-performance, aromatic Cypress trees from You’ll find different types of Cypress trees for sale to suit a variety of needs.

Many gardeners and homeowners plant Cypress trees in rows as privacy barriers or privacy screens.

Cypress trees are also wonderful windbreaks that can block out noise, wind, and intrusions. Customers love their unique, feathery appearance, because it complements many garden styles.

Include low-maintenance Cypress trees for structure in your landscape design. Be sure to consider adding complementary False Cypress shrubs at ground level.

You'll find just the expertly-grown trees you are looking for at Order any time of year, and we'll ship them when the time is right for planting in your growing zone.

Types of Cypress Trees for Adaptability

City planners and professional landscapers have fallen hard for the native Bald CypressYou've likely seen them used as street trees, and mixed into biodiverse plantings in city parks.

bald cypress

Bald Cypress trees are noteworthy deciduous conifers. They are native to the Southeastern United States.

In spring, they develop soft, feathery foliage that kids adore petting. In fall, the tree lights up with an electric orange fall color before falling for the dormant season.

Bald Cypress trees are long-lived to 600 years, hardy, and quite adaptable. Strong wood tolerates high wind, and they can survive short seasons of drought in dry, upland locations or periodically wet soils.

In wet regions, use Pond Cypress trees. They have the unique ability to survive and thrive in standing water.

Leyland Cypress Trees for Screening

Fast-growing Leyland Cypress trees tolerate regular pruning and develop into a dense, blue-green screen. These attractive trees need well-drained soil; plant them high with an inch of exposed root ball to improve your drainage.


With proper care, Cypress trees have good disease tolerance and grow quickly, making them great to use in many landscape settings. Leyland Cypress trees often withstand poor soils, but you want to care for them properly and allow for plenty of air circulation.

Create a "living fence" with this fast-growing, tall tree along your property line. Mulch underneath your Leland Cypress hedgerow for best results, but never let mulch rest directly against the main trunk.

Leyland Cypress trees display impressive salt tolerance, and they work well in coastal conditions. We recommend you supply water for these important landscape assets in dry weather.

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Italian Cypress Trees for Incredible Accents

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Perhaps one of the most well-known trees the world over is the Italian CypressThis sleek green specimen creates a grand entrance or marks the boundary of your property.

No need to overwater these Mediterranean native evergreen trees. Get them established during the first season, then let your Italian Cypress trees delight you with their deep root systems and ease of care.

For a compact growth habit and blue-green color, try our Blue Italian Cypress. These long-lived trees thrive on the coast and deliver that bold look you crave.

Drought-Tolerant Cypress Trees for Sale

Arizona Cypress is native to the United States. Soft, gray-green foliage and shredded red bark make a showy statement. Arizona Cypress trees also exhibit drought tolerance.

Get these low-maintenance trees from to block the wind or create a private setting. Rest and relax in their welcome shade.

Give young trees full sun, Nature Hills Root Booster and even water to get their root systems established in your landscape. They require minimal pruning and resist pests.

Fluffy Cryptomeria Trees for Full Sun or Partial Shade

Gentle Cryptomeria Yoshino polishes up the edge of your property with style. Immerse yourself in their Zen-like nature for an outdoor paradise.

This dense Cupressaceae family member grows quickly, and it can tolerate partial shade and a variety of soils. Give them at least four hours of direct sunlight a day for best results.

A unique tree this pretty garners many nicknames, like Japanese Cedar and or Peacock Cypress. Even the Japanese call them Suji for their straight trunks.

Expertly Grown Cypress Trees for Sale at

The extensive Cupressaceae family is one of our most popular selection of trees for sale. That's why we have homeowners and property managers work with us all across the United States.

Please take a good look at the Plant Highlights on every product page. They'll tell you what your new Cypress tree needs to be happy.

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Enjoy the handsome charm of Cypress trees. Use them to create a retreat for you and your loved ones.

With soft scales held tightly, Cypress trees are nice to work with. Their aromatic foliage and wood bring a relaxing atmosphere ideal for rest.

Plant Cypress trees for large-scale hedging. Containers work well for smaller types of Cypress trees, such as the uniform pyramidal Soft Serve False Cypress or gorgeous weeping Cascade Falls Bald Cypress. Then sit back and survey your kingdom with pride.

Whether you’re a fan of Leyland Cypress, Italian Cypress, or even Arizona Cypress, you’ll find a variety of Cypress trees for sale at Nature Hills. We ship out trees when the planting time is right for your zone, with tracked shipping right to your door.

If you see a Cypress tree variety you like, don’t hesitate to order. Our trees tend to sell out fast. Place your order today.

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