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Crape Myrtle Trees

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Crape Myrtle Trees for Sale at Nature Hills Nursery

Crape myrtle trees are perfect for showing off a beautiful tree in your landscape. Explore our crape myrtle trees for sale at Nature Hills Nursery to maximize your curb appeal.

Find the Perfect Crape Myrtle for Sale

Sioux Crape Myrtle Find just the right crape myrtle, sometimes called crepe myrtle, for sale by first finding your USDA planting zone. Enter your zip code above the Plant Highlights section on our product pages. Then narrow your crepe myrtle selection by filtering by growing zone, sun exposure levels, height preference and whatever other options you desire.

All of our trees are delivered safely to your home with instructions on planting, care and storage. You can order knowing you’ll have exactly what you need.

Crape Myrtle FAQ

What is the best place to plant a Crape Myrtle?

Crape myrtle is a perfect size for any garden. They don’t get tooCrape Myrtle Infograph big and don’t stay too small. You can let your creativity go wild and design the landscape of your dreams with this gorgeous tree. Here are our favorites to enhance your landscape:

  • Black Diamond® Purely PurpleCrape Myrtle: Add some lovely color to your landscape with vibrant, purple blooms that last from late spring through fall. This crape myrtle grows in zones 6 to 9 and is known for being highly mildew resistant and drought tolerant.
  • Natchez Crape Myrtle: This elegant crape myrtle offers incredible white blooms and attractive bark to enhance your garden. This is one of the tallest and largest crape myrtles, growing up to 20 to 30 feet tall. Growing in zones 6 to 9, this tree is easy to care for and has four seasons of interest.

What is the difference between a Crape Myrtle bush and a Crape Myrtle tree?

The difference between a crape myrtle bush and a crape myrtle tree comes down to the height. The trees are taller than the bushes. The trees can grow up to 20 feet tall, while bushes are between 2 and 15 feet tall. Here are our favorite bush and tree selections:

  • Red Crape Myrtle Shrub: This bush is a unique crimson flowered bush that people will admire when walking by. This crape myrtle grows in zones 6 to 10 and is widely adaptable.
  • Sioux Crape Myrtle Tree: Truly a garden performer, this crape myrtle tree is a fan favorite. Use this tree as a statement in your landscape. This tree offers long-lasting summer flowers and striking pink color. Grow this tree in zones 6 to 9.

Where do Crape Myrtles grow best?

We offer plant facts on each of our products so you know exactly where our crape myrtles should be grown. Crape myrtle trees typically grow best in the southern USDA zones, but northern gardeners can easily grow crape myrtle in containers.

If you see a tree you just can’t live without, place your order immediately. We sell out quickly. We’ll only ship your order when the time is right for planting in your area.

Browse the brilliant collection of crepe myrtle trees for sale at Nature Hills Nursery and place your order today.

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