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Magnificent Long-Blooming Chaste Trees

For incredible, elegant Ornamental Shrubs and Trees, you can't go wrong with the outstanding selection of Chaste Trees (Vitex) from Nature Hills Nursery! These powerhouse plants deliver bountiful, fragrant blooms all summer long in a striking blue-violet color!

Native to western Asia and southern Europe, the aromatic gray-green fine-textured palmately-shaped foliage contrasts well with the light-to-dark bluish-lilac terminal flower spikes, including some white varieties and pink flowering Chaste trees!

Featuring a fast growth rate, and open, airy growth habit, Chaste trees do great in most of North America. These plants are sun-tolerant and provide shade and character to your landscape!

The tiny fragrant flowers are clustered along each terminal flower spike and last for a very long time from spring to summer. In some climates, it will rebloom in the fall. The blooms are very long-lasting and are incredible pollinator and Hummingbird-friendly blossoms!

Versatile Chaste Trees! Chaste Tree Infograph

The Chaste trees in our inventory are available as single-stem trees, multi-stem trees, and in shrub form. The difference between them is purely aesthetic!

  • Single-Stem: One stem emerges from the ground, then branches near the top. This is the traditional 'tree' look.
  • Multi-Stem: Three or more stems are either planted in close proximity or emerge from the soil line. Upper branches may weave together in a clump form.
  • Shrub: Many stems emerge with branches close to the ground to form a bushy profile, often remaining shorter than tree forms.

You can often achieve a tree or shrub-like appearance by pruning your Chaste tree in the proper way.

Types of Chaste Trees At Nature Hills

Chaste Trees are fantastic flowering ornamentals with fragrant blooms, and low-maintenance canopies and thrive in more Xeric conditions. Casting light shade and offering up fragrant lilac-blue blooms for your landscape, pollinators and cut flower bouquets!

Chaste trees are also used in some supplements for women's health and more!

  • Front yard landscaping & foundation hedges and anchors
  • Backyard shade & accents
  • Pollinator and hummingbird-friendly blooms
  • Great cut flowers
  • Long-lasting specimens
  • Soften building corners
  • Backdrops & hedges

Choose a dwarf Blue Puffball™ for a compact ball shape that's covered in deep sky-blue spires. Use it as a garden border or in pots to flank your front door.

The Shoal Creek Chaste Tree offers dappled shade to a pollinator garden 

Shoal Creek Chaste Tree picture

with multiple stems that lend an airy, graceful look.

Pair a Crème

 de la Crème™ White Chaste Tree with a Blue Didley™ Chaste Tree for a sophisticated layered look that elevates a manicured yard or a wildly informal landscape!

Create a vibrant hedge with the Pink Pinnacle™ for lush privacy and screening! Or use First Editions® Galactic Pink® Chaste Tree as a dramatic backdrop to your landscaping beds and borders!

Chaste Tree Care

Thriving in USDA hardiness zones 5-10, all Chaste trees and shrubs do well in everything from alkaline conditions to slightly acidic, to average garden soil to Mediterranean conditions!

  • Full Sun plants
  • Ensure well-drained soil to prevent root rot
  • Provide moderate regular moisture
  • Water moderately at the roots to prevent leaf spot
  • Top the root zone with 3-4 inches of mulch
  • Deadhead after flowering
  • Blooms on new wood - Prune in early spring

Pruning Chaste Trees

Clip spent flower heads to keep a clean look to the plant. This will also encourage a rebloom to occur. This mindful task can be quite relaxing, and it's never a chore to get close up to these fragrant plants!

Lightly prune limbs, before you see new growth in early spring, by cutting back to the point that they originate from on the trunk. Cut back as much as 1/3rd of the entire canopy height in a season to control height, keeping in mind Chaste blooms on new wood.

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However you use this lovely tree or shrub variety in your landscape, we know you'll appreciate its great looks!

Order your Chaste Vitex Tree for sale at's complete online garden center today!

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