Cedar Trees

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Cedar Trees

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Cedar Trees are long-lived and that is one of the reasons why they are used extensively in windbreaks and as individual specimens. Cedar Trees are virtually disease resistant. They produce natural oils that are toxic to insects and fungus. The natural oils also have a very pleasant aroma. If you have ever had a chest or box made of cedar, that pleasant smell is quite prevalent. 

Cedar Trees are evergreen and very hardy. They excel in moist or dry areas; as they begin to reach maturity they provide their wonderful cedar aroma. Cedar Trees are quite dense and make excellent boundary trees for privacy. This is a great tree to plant if you love wildlife since animals are attracted to Cedar Trees for food and shelter.

*The Eastern Red Cedar Tree is not a true cedar as it is actually in the juniper family. It is a native of North America and the tree was named red cedar and the name has persisted.