Arborvitae Trees

Arborvitae Trees

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Hard-Working Arborvitae Trees

If you are faced with an ugly view, or live next to a noisy street - you're probably looking for a screening solution. For an easy-care, tough and beautiful solution, consider the Arborvitae, or Thuja occidentalis. It means "Tree of Life", and this North American native is a soft evergreen from the cypress family.

Arborvitae are super-fast growing, cold hardy and make the perfect screening plant. Most varieties can grow two feet or so each year, especially in rich soil with adequate water.

Arborvitae has soft foliage

Their bright green scale like leaves are soft to the touch, rather than prickly. The fine-textured foliage is born in a flat plane up and down all along the trunk. This is not a leggy tree, it's a solid visual screen.

You'll love the fragrant foliage, especially if you love the rich, fresh scents of lemon and clean cotton - yum!

The foliage is soft and dense, and it boasts plenty of surface area. Why do you care about that? Well, surface area absorbs sound. You have no better way to eliminate ugly views, block some wind, catch some snow, and quiet things down. You'll love how the Tree of Life gives you the perfect green backdrop to design your landscape around. They'll look great all year long.

So Many Great Varieties to Solve Your Tough Landscaping Challenges

Easy to grow and maintain, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are tall and broad varieties that grow over 50 feet to give you some serious privacy. There are narrow, pyramid-shaped varieties that fit beautifully in your side yard. You'll love the drooping little accent varieties that provide a perfect evergreen punctuation in your backyard landscape.

Be sure to look at the Plant Highlight Facts to see the mature height and spread of the variety. You'll find one (or two, three or more!) that work for you in your yard.

Thuja plicata comes in many varieties, and Nature Hills offers a wide catalog to choose from to create your living hedge or screen. Thuja 'Green Giant' is a very hardy tall, fast-growing evergreen tree that is native to North America. 'Emerald Green' is another wonderful option that stays mid-sized.

Most Arborvitae can be trimmed or sheared into formal hedges, but you can also allow your plants to grow naturally, too. You'll appreciate dressing them up with a formal shear, or using them as-is in an informal, rustic landscape. Mature trees may produce half-inch long green cones that deepen into a rich brown. Either way, you'll love the look!

Tips to Grow Arborvitae Trees

Arborvitae trees prefer colder climates to warmer ones, and are naturally found in zones 3 to 8. Give your tree some afternoon shade in areas that have hotter summer months.

It's also important to provide your tree with some winter protection against damage from ice and snow, so site them correctly to block the worst of the winter winds and avoid winter burn. Be sure to give supplemental water year round as needed. Some of the taller varieties do bronze up into a reddish brown in winter, but will turn green again during early spring and summer.

While they prefer slightly acidic soil, they will grow in a variety of soils, from clay to sandy loam. With a shallow root ball, they'll do their best for you in moist, well drained soil. However, they will tolerate extremes like a champ.

Thuja trees will grow well in full sun of partial shade and are extremely popular - one of our best sellers!

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