Unique Trees


Unique Trees

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Something Special For The Garden - Unique Trees at Nature Hills!

The Unique Trees category at Nature Hills Nursery is something of an eclectic collection of trees that have definingly unique characteristics such as foliage, form, size, and flower color!

If you want to set your yard apart and boost your curb appeal, choose something we're sure that very few of your neighbors will have ever seen!

Each of these Unique Trees has at least one distinguishing characteristic that separates it from others in its species. But all of them will have onlookers green with envy!

Some Examples of Unique Trees include:

mimosa tree
  • Weeping forms
  • Foliage variegation
  • Dwarf to semi-dwarf forms
  • Double or uniquely petalled flower forms
  • Columnar forms
  • Contorted branching or foliage

Unique Trees will certainly cause extra glances from curious viewers or the need for passersby to want a closer inspection! No matter which you choose, their uniqueness is sure to stick out head and shoulders above the rest!

Landscapes can be greatly enhanced by trees from this category since they have exceptional features!


Each of these trees offers a distinct form, outstanding beauty, glorious shape, unusual blooms, or variegated foliage that stands out and brings a wonderful contrast to a neighborhood landscape.

Caring for Unique and Unusual Trees

These trees have their own care needs and maintenance but are not any more or less difficult to care for! Being different won't change their basic needs nor does it make them prima donnas!

Each page has that plant's sun/shade, moisture, soil type, and pruning needs listed for you! Also, our knowledgeable customer service team is here to help with any additional questions or concerns you may have about your Unique Tree of choice!

There is a size and shape for everyone's yard, and the tree you choose will certainly present an interesting and unparalleled focal point! Call the plant experts at Nature Hills today to learn more (402) 934-8116!