Tall Trees


Tall Trees

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Majestic, cloud-touching, serene, beautiful, and monumental. These are just a few words that are spoken when talking about tree species in the Tall Tree category. If planted singly or in groups, mature trees in this segment are simply overwhelming.

Choosing a space is the key decision when purchasing one of these beauties. If large trees are placed in confined areas, their size will appear out of place and overwhelm close structures. In order to prove this point, just drive through a housing development that was initiated about 30 years ago. The tall trees that were planted too close to a structure or too close together detract from the property’s appearance. Conversely, nothing is quite so striking as a large, tall tree placed strategically on a lot or acreage.

Trees in this category provide many benefits for all seasons. They offer shade, unique leaf shapes, brilliant leaf color, and wonderful textures. The environmental effects are to be noted as well. Tall Trees absorb carbon dioxide and potentially harmful gasses from the air and also release oxygen. When making your purchase select a tree that will improve your surroundings and increase the value of your property. Some great choices for Tall Trees are Oak, Elm, Maple, Beech, Fir, and Spruce.