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Privacy Trees

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Blissful, Effective Screening Privacy Trees

Let your hair down and relax in a private has the fast-growing privacy plants you want!

Celebrate your way in an all-green setting with evergreen "forever green" trees. Or, incorporate lush flowering trees to decorate your space.

Privacy is a continuum, after all! The spectrum ranges from castle walls to wispy, see-through screens.

Privacy 101 from the Nature Hills Horticulture Team

Almost Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Privacy Trees and Shrubs

Make your privacy trees and shrubs work hard to expand the amount of livable space. Strategic placement is an important consideration for a great garden design mix.

Use privacy trees to create the walls of garden rooms. Push beyond the perimeter, and carve out smaller areas for entertaining, dining, yoga, you name it.

Maximize every square inch of your lot with a thoughtful landscape design. Give consideration to all the tasks your family performs in the yard.

Privacy Design Tips to Add Excitement

Play with plants! You'll create a landscape that reflects your personal style and lives large.

Everyone has utilitarian areas, from garbage cans to potting sheds and compost piles. Hide them from view with a short row of North Pole® Arborvitae or Blue Arrow Juniper.

Nobody says all lines have to be 90-degrees to each other...or stick-straight, either! Jazz things up by placing the row at an angle for interest.

Use privacy trees to define the different areas. Remember that sometimes, a gentle touch is enough to get the job done.

Scoop a dollop of soft screening with Soft Serve Cypress on the street side of your children's play structure. Or, consider the bold blooms of First Editions® Plum Magic Crape Myrtle on one side of your back door.

Look for opportunities to "blur the line of sight" to a neighbor's window. Stick with skinny plants like Castle Wall Holly in small space gardens. offers an extensive online catalog of plants that add privacy. Filter the results you want by height, mature spread and growing Zone.

You'll be happy with right-sized plants to avoid an oppressive feeling. Don't bring an "elephant gun" to a mosquito hunt...filter by feet in height from 12 feet, 20 feet, 30 feet, 40 feet and more.

What is a Privacy Tree?

Privacy trees feature dense branching with lush foliage. They are moderately tall, and best of

Privacy trees prevent neighbors from viewing the yard, block an unsightly view, and assist in noise abatement. These important trees provide the underpinning to your overall landscape design.

Common Considerations for Privacy Trees

There are several choices of trees that will perform well in providing a living fence or screen. The first choice is whether the grower desires an evergreen tree or a deciduous tree.

Considerations for the choice of tree would include:


  • What is the mature height and spread?
  • How thick or dense are they?
  • How long do they live?
  • How fast do they grow?
  • How much care will they need?
  • Are they drought tolerant?
  • Do they need full sun?


Evergreen trees are versatile and can be used as specimens, hedges, and privacy screens. But well-branched deciduous trees that drop their leaves in fall should also be considered.

For large properties, you'll add a lyrical screen with Weeping Willow trees. Site them correctly, with plenty of space, and you'll love their graceful look any time of year.

In this collection, we've also included a few tall shrubs for your consideration. Choose the right plant for the right spot!

Take a look at our Privacy Shrubs, too!

We highly recommend that you consider a mix of plants for the most attractive landscape. Biodiversity of species is touted by many experts as a way to limit your risk, as well.

Evergreen Privacy Trees Offer Color and Structure Year-Round

Evergreen trees tend to be dense and long lived. But Spruce trees start to branch close to the ground, whereas Pine trees will be branched several feet above the ground when mature.

Evergreen trees, such as Thuja Green Giant Arborvitae, are used in countless locations as screening plants. These fast growers can put on up to three feet a year!

Leyland Cypress is another large-scale evergreen option that can be sheared into a hedge. Use this in a sheltered spot where the wind doesn't blow as hard, and ice storms won't faze it.

Living fences are a standard privacy treatment for use on your property lines. A long line of solid green makes a formal statement!

Just remember that tall trees planted on the south side of a landscape will cast long shadows that may limit plant choices in other areas of your yard. Emerald Green Arborvitae is a nice compromise to consider in this situation.

Don't forget about Privet shrubs, Strawberry Trees, Pacific Wax Myrtle, and other broad-leaved evergreens. Even Magnolia trees can be used as large-scale privacy hedges with a beautiful bonus of lemon-scented blooms.

Use a Mix of Both Evergreen and Deciduous Privacy Trees

Popular fast-growing privacy trees include deciduous trees like Royal Empress Paulownia, Willow Hybrid and Hybrid Poplars.

Slower growing evergreen trees like Spruce or Eastern White Pine make a very handsome, and long-lived addition. The trade off is time!

Consider growing two rows of privacy trees if there is space enough. Plant the fast growing tree in the back row and the slower growing tree in the front row.

When the slower growing trees reach the desired size, remove the shorter lived trees in the back row. Choose trees that begin branching close to the ground for best results.

Flowering Privacy Trees Look Gorgeous

Evergreen trees make a perfect choice for the exterior border of your landscape. But you'll be thrilled with the tender charm of blooming trees for interior applications.

Run an informal grouping of Flowering Crabapple trees in your patio planting bed. Sculpt them to leave the lower branches on the main stem for plenty of expansive privacy.

Use Crape Myrtle trees as hedges, specimens or mass plantings. These versatile plants can be pruned to size, and can even be kept in containers!

How Many Feet of Spacing Is Best Between Privacy Trees?

The goal is to create a lush, solid screen without sacrificing healthy air circulation. Study the Plant Highlights on every product page to see how many feet tall and feet wide your mature tree will reach.

Plant them on center, measuring from the center of one to the center of the next. Choose the smallest number listed for the mature spread.

Finally, use an old farmer's trick. Stagger two rows in a zig-zagging planting pattern for a faster fill.

Even narrow plants like Sky Pencil Holly do well in a staggered planting. As a bonus, you'll love the full, natural look of a staggered row!

how far apart to space privacy trees infographic

Ideas for a Private Backyard in a Hurry

Add a curved berm with extra soil brought in and placed in a mounding heap. Create two higher hills, with one higher and wider as the dominant hill.

Why create a berm? Plant your privacy trees on the berm, and you'll jump start your privacy by several feet.

Buy the largest container sizes we have in stock, and you'll gain another big head's start. Larger container sizes mean older trees with a larger root system.

Always use Nature Hills Root Booster with important landscape trees and shrubs. This symbiotic formula supports the tiny feeder roots over the whole life of your plant...and never "wears out".

Creative Privacy Tree Choices

Love songbirds? Use low-maintenance, fragrant Eastern Red Cedar trees to give birds plenty of shelter.

Have kids and want a natural playground? Plant a checkerboard of Blue Italian Cypress trees for them to use as a perfect place for amazing games of Hide and Seek.

Add three Nellie Stevens Holly in a curve to create a magnificent backdrop for a collection of Hybrid Tea Roses. Just remember to site them on the north side of your Rose bushes!

Unique flowering trees include Summerburst Golden Rain tree with their outstanding ornamental features. And no one should forget Ivory Silk Lilac trees with their incredible fragrance.

Buy healthy, well-rooted, fast growing privacy trees and shrubs from We make it so easy with expert shipping right to your doorstep.