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Ornamental Trees

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  1. Ginkgo biloba Zones: 3-8
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  2. Bur Oak Tree Zones: 3-8
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  3. Autumn Gold Ginkgo Tree Zones: 3-8
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  4. Green Laceleaf Japanese Maple Zones: 5-8
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  5. Cherokee Princess Dogwood Tree Zones: 4-9
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  6. Theves Poplar Zones: 2-9
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  7. Venus® Dogwood Zones: 5-8
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  8. Snow Tower Kousa Dogwood Zones: 5-8
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  9. Missouri Willow Tree Zones: 5 - 8
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  10. Prairie Willow Zones: 4 - 6
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Popular Ornamental Trees from NatureHills.com

We have a hard time keeping these small ornamental trees in stock! One look, and you'll know why they are so popular.

It's easy to decorate your landscape with these incredibly showy trees! Typically, these are smaller growing trees—under 25 feet tall—that deliver much more than just shade.

Use them near your outdoor seating area as a beautiful feature. Or pump up your curb appeal with an ornamental tree in your front yard.

Deciduous flowering ornamental trees add pizzazz in the spring and gorgeous foliage in the summer and fall. Ornamental evergreen trees add a decorative touch that provides year-round color and a double helping of personality.

Trees give your home beauty and permanence. Ornamental trees deliver interesting shapes, patterns, colors, scents, and seasonal changes.

Include Small Decorative Trees for Landscaping

It's no surprise that Ornamental Trees are some of the best-selling types of trees we offer. A modern tree like Black Pearl Redbud delights from early spring onwards with incredible blooms and deep, dark heart-shaped foliage.

Purple, red, and yellow leaf color has been introduced into many new Redbud tree selections. Award-winning Don Egolf Chinese Redbud features upright growth habit and very limited seedpod production.

Think of them as the "chandelier" of your outdoor garden rooms. Live large on your property with many rooms that flow together...and use Ornamental trees for star power.

NatureHills.com stays on trend with the latest cultivars and classic ornamental favorites. Plant breeders have been busy enhancing the features you love.

What Makes A Tree Ornamental?

While each ornamental tree is unique, there are some common themes:

  • Diminutive size that easily fits in courtyards, small space gardens and outdoor containers
  • More flowers, larger blooms with increased pigmentation or unique colorways
  • Dramatic red and bronze coloring in newly emerging leaves and new growth
  • Columnar forms with highly fastigiate branching habit
  • Picturesque weeping forms that tells a lyrical garden story
  • Vivid fall color and decorative fruit or seed pods
  • Improved landscape performance and disease resistance
What features do you crave? Shop NatureHills.com for a gorgeous selection of high-quality trees.

It's no wonder why we delight professional landscape companies with large plant orders each week. Our expert growers are the best in the business!

Trees with More Color from Flowers and Foliage

There are many trees that we have included within our "Ornamentals" group. Typically, these include smaller plants with lots of interest.

The most desired ornamental feature of these smaller growing trees is flowers. Homeowners expect more from their landscape assets...here are trees that dazzle and delight you year after year.

Ornamental Trees for the South and West

Get cute pink flowers and whimsical fruit from Marina Strawberry trees in warm winter Growing Zones. You'll also adore the rich, cinnabar bark all year-long!

Versatile, vivacious Crape Myrtle trees feature incredible frilly flowers for months each summer. These pert trees can be pruned into hedges, or kept groomed into a single trunk tree or multi-stemmed clump.

In recent years, plant breeders have introduced a magnificently dark purple leaf color that is nearly black! The Black Diamond Series is such an incredible contrast against the massive flower displays.

For a very mellow vibe, you can't go wrong with cool-toned Chaste trees. Grace your space with gray-green foliage and heather-blue blooms of Vitex.

Nothing is as elegant as a native Flowering Dogwood tree. Cultivars offer exceptionally dainty form, incredibly rich saturated blooms, colorful textured foliage and fall color.

Widely Adaptable Ornamental Trees

Not all broad-leaved evergreen Magnolias are giants! Gain a lovely ornamental view with Little Gem Magnolia sited for maximum visual impact.

Or try the sweet Little Girl Series of Jane, Betty and Ann. Try Butterflies if you love lively yellow flowers in early summer!

Learn How to Care for Your Magnolia Trees >>

The incredibly evocative flowers of Cherry Blossom trees create a neighborhood landmark. We offer a myriad of options...sort by Mature Height and Spread to see which choice is right for your space.

Learn How to Care for Your Flowering Cherry Trees >>

Japanese Maple trees stand apart for their exceptional foliage. We're proud of our online collection of these special small trees...you'll be proud of yours, too!

Cold-Hardy Ornamental Trees

Bold Crabapples are some of the best spring-flowering trees available on the market. Choose your favorite flower color...and fruit color, too!

Crabapples bloom in a cloud of color that can last several weeks. Showy fruits can persist all through the fall and winter seasons.

On some cultivars, shiny fruit may still be hanging on the trees in spring. Migrating birds like Cedar Waxwings and Robins are happy to eat them as they return!

Spectacular blooms, foliage and fall color make Flowering Ornamental Plum make beautiful landscape assets. The fruit of Chickasaw Plum makes it a marvelous wildlife tree, too.

With blooms that rival any other, the burgundy foliage of Krauter Vesuvius Purple Leaf Plum remains a consistent dark accent. Keep it as a focal point in a Secret Garden with Privet Hedge walls...or share it with the world in a lawn planting for the front yard.

Beautiful Tree-Form Shrubs Enliven Your Yard

At various times during the year, we sell popular shrubs that are trained as single stem trees. There is nothing so pretty as a Rose tree or Hydrangea tree with thrilling blooms raised to eye level.

Try a pair of our expertly grown Tree-Form plants on either side of your front door. Rose of Sharon trees are summertime bloom machines.

Even if you rent an apartment, you can grow them as "Thrillers" in hardy outdoor containers. Balcony life has never been prettier!

Enjoy Multiple Seasons of Interest, Including Winter

Many ornamental trees offer scintillating spring color and gorgeous summer foliage that burnishes to robust fall color display. But don't forget about wintertime!

Plants that lose their foliage in the winter months can also have eye-catching attributes that add to your landscape. Deciduous ornamental trees feature branches and bark that can get overlooked during the growing season.

During the spare and dreary winter season, rely on other desirable traits for interest. Harry Lauder's Walking Stick is a perfect example, with its remarkable twisting and turning branches.

After a plant flowers, there will be some kind of fruit or seed that can be very ornamental. Magnolias have orange seeds that are very decorative, and Flowering Cherries and Plums also produce beautiful fruits that are excellent for wildlife, as well.

Weeping forms are outstanding in all seasons. Sculptural Lavender Twist Weeping Redbud has a fantastic fountain-like look, no matter what season it is.

Weeping ornamental trees are favorites of many homeowners. The long graceful weeping branches attract attention and seem to give a sense of peace and calm to a yard.

Let's not forget the bark either. The peeling and exfoliating bark that you find on some plants, like Birch trees, is highly ornamental and worth highlighting with outdoor lighting.

Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry is a four-season ornamental tree. Sweet white flowers, edible blue-red fruit, and noteworthy fall color is matched by a lovely form and smooth, gray bark.

Charming Ornamental Evergreen Trees

Ornamental trees can be deciduous or evergreen. Evergreens tend to derive their ornamental appeal from unique shapes or sizes.

Holly plants produce those beautiful red berries. Grow your own winter and holiday decorations, and gain a privacy screen at the same time.

Weeping Cascade Falls Bald Cypress brings the soft, feathery foliage to the romantic look people love. This rare plant is a deciduous evergreen, for the best of both worlds...and electric orange fall color.

Degroot's Spire Arborvitae isn't the same old, same old. Tiered growth habit with layered spires make each one a work of art.

Tips for Planting and Growing Ornamental Trees

The best thing you can do is study your lot. Map out the low-lying areas that stay damp after rain...and chart the amount of sun hours you receive in each area.

Find out what your Growing Zone is by typing it into the Zone Finder on each product page. Plants are sensitive to both heat and cold...find the plants rated for your zone.

Next, look for plants that match your environmental conditions. Each product page has a Plant Highlights section that gives you information on Sun Exposure, from full sun or partial shade to full shade.

Check the Mature Height and Spread to find an Ornamental tree that will fit into your location. You can custom-prune many trees...but a good cultivar selection might remove that hassle all together.

Move quickly when you find the tree you want. Place your order at any time of year, we'll hold it for you until the time is right for planting in your area.

Track your sturdy box right to your doorstep. Open it up and give it a long drink to hydrate it.

Dig your planting hole twice as wide as the root, but no deeper. Keep trees at the same level they grew at the nursery.

Symbiotic Nature Hills Root Booster forms a helpful relationship with the feeder roots of your new tree. It never wears out, but supports your landscape investment it's whole life.

Tap your plant out of it's nursery pot. If you bought a bareroot plant, soak the roots for several hours to rejuvenate your new tree.

Press the backfill soil around your tree. Soak the soil to remove air pockets at the root zone.

Here's the Right Way to Water Your New Plants >>

Apply a three-inch layer of mulch over the roots, then pull it back away from touching the trunk. Plan to reapply mulch every few years as needed.

Fertilize your tree with either flowering plant or evergreen plant formulas. Please follow directions on the label to support healthy growth.

You'll love the designer look gained with special Ornamental trees from NatureHills.com. Place your order today!

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