Flowering Trees

Flowering Trees

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  1. Natchez Crape Myrtle Zones: 6-9
    As low as $56.95

  2. Yuletide Camellia Zones: 7-10 (Patio 4 - 11)
    As low as $68.99

  3. Summer Jazz Fire Trumpet Tree Zones: 5-9
    As low as $99.72

  4. Lavender Chiffon® Rose of Sharon Zones: 5-8
    As low as $59.95

  5. Black Diamond® Red Hot™ Crape Myrtle Zones: 6-10
    As low as $70.96

  6. Limelight Hydrangea Tree Zones: 3-9
    As low as $109.24

  7. Pink Crape Myrtle Zones: 6-10
    As low as $61.86

  8. Shoal Creek Chaste Tree Zones: 6-9
    As low as $24.99

  9. Oleander Zones: 8-11 (Patio 4-11)
    As low as $33.95

  10. Jelly Palm Tree Zones: Outdoors 9-11, Indoors All Zones
    As low as $86.04

  11. Blue Chiffon® Rose of Sharon Tree Form Zones: 5-9
    As low as $104.99

  12. Marina Strawberry Tree Zones: 7-9
    As low as $64.99

  13. Hot Cocoa™ Tree Rose Zones: 5-10
    As low as $119.99

  14. Miss Congeniality™ Rose Tree Zones: 4-9
    As low as $115.95
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19 Items

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Our flowering trees are generally trees with single trunks that grow to 20 feet or taller. Occasionally we may list a shrubby type tree that may have multiple upright trunks. There are thousands of tree species with various colors of blooms to choose from, making it difficult to select the right flowering tree. We try to offer you the most popular flowering trees available. These trees are selected for various hardiness zones, soil types and moisture requirements and are the most sought after flowering trees being sold today. Trees that flower can add a dramatic effect to your landscaping and be the focal point of your yard each spring when the trees are in bloom.

When selecting a flowering tree for your yard please consider the colors of your existing plants in your landscape. Will your existing perennials or shrubs’ foliage, bark or blooms clash with your new flowering tree selection when in full bloom? Or, will they complement one another to create a dazzling color display? Attention to detail is very important when choosing a flowering tree species with so many different colors of blooms to choose from. Another consideration is the added color in the fruit some flowering trees bear. Fruiting flowering trees add another dimension of color to your landscape in late summer or fall. Fall foliage color adds the final element to your decision. Many of our flowering trees display stunning fall colors and can liven up your yard with deep splashes of reds, oranges and yellows.