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Flowering Trees

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Usher in Spring With Flowering Trees at Nature Hills

There are hundreds of Flowering Tree species with various colors and forms of blooms to choose from! Perhaps making it tricky to select just one - given the many dizzying options available to you!

Luckily, Nature Hills is here to offer you the most popular Flowering Trees available and take the guesswork out of finding the right one for you!

Flowering Trees From An Expert Tree Nursery!

Nature Hills' Flowering Trees come in a wide variety of forms, shapes, and sizes! From single trunks that grow to 20 feet or taller to shrubby-type trees that may have multiple upright trunks and branching as well!

Nature Hills has Flowering Ornamental trees adapted to a wide range of Hardiness Zones, soil types, sunlight levels, and moisture requirements! Plus, we offer many of the most sought-after flowering trees on the market today, including a wide selection of classic landscape favorites!

Bring on the end of the bleak winter with a burst of floral beauty and fragrance!

Flowering Trees Make Landscapes Bloom!

All trees flower, but it takes that something special to make them Ornamental! Those spring blooms add a dramatic effect to your landscaping and become the focal point of your yard each spring!

Okame Cherry Tree BlossomsWhen selecting a Flowering Tree for your yard please consider the colors of existing plants in your landscape, the amount of sun you have available, the room you have for the mature tree size, and the drainage of your soil.

Will your existing perennials or shrubs' foliage, or blooms clash with your new Flowering Tree selection when in full bloom? Or, will they complement one another to create a dazzling color display? Does your tree need to be cold hardy or heat tolerant?

Attention to detail is very important when choosing a Flowering Tree species! With so many different colors of blooms to choose from and the fact that all of Mother Nature seems to go together beautifully, you'll easily find the perfect Flowering Tree for your needs!

Another consideration is the added color that flowers often become fruit, and green leaves are sure to take on a new fall wardrobe! Both add to the final element of your decision.

Many of our flowering trees display colorful berries or persistent seed pods for fall and winter interest, birds and are edible for humans! Plus foliage becomes stunning fall colors and can liven up your yard with deep splashes of reds, oranges, and yellows!

Types of Flowering Trees at Nature Hills

From the biggest trees, to the smallest, or the most columnar Flowering Tree Infograph and narrow, romantically cascading and weeping, and the best space-saving forms, Nature Hills has it!

Choose from sun-loving Crabapples Trees, or spring Flowering Dogwoods! Big fragrant Magnolias or the sought-after display that only Flowering Cherry Trees have in store for eager viewers each year! You will find shade-loving trees as well!

The earliest blooming Redbud trees break your landscape free from the winter doldrums in brilliant pink fashion, while Lilac Trees finish off the spring season and usher in summer with their fragrant panicles.

Want the cupped blossoms of the Tulip Poplar, the white streamers of the Fringe Tree, the powder puffs of the Mimosa, or the dangling tassels of the Golden Rain Tree? All add their unique beauty, color, and bloom time to your landscape! You are sure to find a tree for any part of the spring season and fill each week with something new!

Select Your Flowering Trees Today!

Start your selection process by narrowing down your tree's sun exposure needs, choose your needed height and width, taking into account the mature size and how it will relate to your available space! You can also choose from flower color, growth rate, and even fall color options to ensure your tree blends beautifully into your individual landscapes' palette during every growing season!

Once you find a type of tree you like, add your zip code to the Plant Highlights section of your chosen Flowering Tree, and you will find out if this tree will work for your growing zone!

If you ever have any questions, our expert sales team is here to help! Need a tree for clay soil? For saline conditions? Or perhaps a tree your local songbirds or hummingbirds will love as well? We will help find the perfect tree for you!

Order your easy-to-grow Ornamental Flowering Trees at Nature Hills today by calling our plant experts at (402) 934-8116! We'll ship your order directly to your doorstep at the perfect planting time for your growing zone!

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