Fall Color Trees


Fall Color Trees

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Fall Color Trees Available at Nature Hills Nursery

Tree leaves of reds, oranges, purples, yellows, browns, bronzes, and mottled grays are just the basic colors that attract the eye in the fall. Add all of the muted colors and the multitudes of shades of these basic colors and then you have a fall-colored tree. These leaves could be referred to as eye candy!

Where Does Fall Leaf Color Come From?

The beautiful scenery created by leaves in the fall is due to the lack of sunlight the chlorophyll-filled leaves receive in the fall. The lack of food production and the loss of chlorophyll cause the leaves to turn color.

The color changes are more predominant in some species than others. Species such as Maples, Ash, Oak, and Serviceberry can display bright glowing colors. Also, there are trees within each of these species that are drab and not very colorful at all.


Extend the Beauty of the Season

Fall color trees come in an assortment of sizes and leaf structures. Some fall leaf displays last for a long period and some color displays are short-lived. Choose a shade tree that provides fall color. Enjoy the trees leaf displays for three seasons, spring, summer and fall by choosing a fall color tree. Most tree descriptions will contain the words fall color for trees that are showy in the fall and most of these descriptions will give the predominant color of the leaves.

There are numerous cultivars of trees that are specifically selected for fall color exhibitions. One that comes to mind is the October Glory Red Maple tree, which will consistently display red, orange, and yellow leaves every fall. Or the always golden Ginkgo Tree to light up your autumn!

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