Evergreen Trees

Evergreen Trees

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Evergreen trees offer year around color in your landscape. Most evergreens appear about the same color in deep winter or in summer heat. Evergreen trees provide wonderful color in landscapes that are devoid of color due to cold weather, dry weather, or barren ground. Evergreen trees are versatile and can be used as specimens, hedges, and privacy screens. They are also utilized as a windbreak planted on the north or in the path of prevailing winds to deflect or intercept winds. Northern locations often plant these trees on the north side of homesteads to catch snow and decrease wind speeds.

Narrowleaf evergreens are also known as conifers. Evergreen trees retain the majority of their needles through the winter. Evergreen trees, such as the arborvitae, are used in countless locations as screening plants. Spruce trees also belong in the evergreen family. Firs and spruces are used as the consummate Christmas decoration for millions of homes. The pine family of evergreens includes the Ponderosa, White, and Austrian Pine. This is not an inclusive list of evergreen trees, but it is a sampling of some of the trees in the evergreen classification.

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