Columnar Trees: Tall Skinny Trees for Sale


Columnar Trees: Tall Skinny Trees for Sale

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Columnar Trees for Sale at Nature Hills Nursery

If your landscape has a few tight spots, choosing a columnar tree makes an easy solution. In addition to a natural narrow habit, tall skinny trees also bring a dynamic energy, acting as a vertical exclamation point in any setting. You’ll find a range of columnar trees for sale right here at Nature Hills Nursery.

The best columnar trees for landscaping stay narrow to fit perfectly in small yards. Attractive and useful, narrow trees are excellent for planting near a house or balcony.

Whether you seek columnar deciduous trees, columnar evergreen trees or tall skinny fruit trees, Nature Hills Nursery has the selection you crave. These intriguing trees have been on trend for years, and the fascination with them shows no sign of slowing down, either.

Modern life requires up-to-date plant cultivars. Trust that our expert growers are always adding the most celebrated cultivars to our online inventory.

Buy your columnar trees online from us at any time of year. We sell out of these extraordinary trees nearly as soon as the new crop is put online.

Reserve your tree, and we'll ship it to you when the time is right for planting. Consider buying more than one; we bet you'll be back for more of these highly decorative trees.

Tall Skinny Trees for Landscaping

Most columnar trees feature densely-held branches that are strongly fastigiated, which means they reach skyward but stay close to the main trunk. This unique growth habit adds a tremendous amount of visual interest during wintertime.

Use a columnar tree to call attention to a bend in your garden path. Or flank either side of your outdoor entertainment area with a pair. Many use tall skinny trees for privacy, creating a natural screen in even the tightest spaces.

Declare your outdoor entertainment area summer-ready with the bold lines of columnar trees. Plant an informal, organic-looking grove for easy designer style, in the same footprint as a regular sized tree.

Many of these selected trees make beautiful street trees, too. Try an ecologically sound approach by alternating between several tree varieties along your property line.

Perhaps you prefer a formal, symmetrical look with even spacing between your trees. It's true that an even cadence brings a delightful sense of promenade.

But no one ever said a row had to be straight. Columnar trees can bring a sense of whimsy to your landscape.

Use them to create a semi-circle behind your fire pit. Or create a serpentine planting pattern for a fresh take on a classic.

Take this approach with extraordinary evergreen weeping trees like Slenderina Weeping Blue Spruce. You'll gain a conversation starter and focal point with their charming droop.

Don't be afraid to mix columnar trees in with full-size varieties, either. Enliven an effective backdrop of broad evergreen trees with the eye-catching color of columnar deciduous trees from our online nursery.

Choosing the Best Columnar Deciduous Trees

We offer a plethora of choices to suit your landscape. Some you might be familiar with, but we bet you'll find some new options to consider.

Columnar European Hornbeam brings a manicured style. This dense, columnar deciduous tree is versatile, suiting front yard and backyard plantings equally well.

Of course, it's hard to go wrong with a narrow Oak tree. The Majestic Crimson Spire Oak tree features lovely lobed foliage and scarlet fall color.

In the city, mask any discordant traffic sounds with a hedge of fast-growing Theves Poplar trees. These towering columnar evergreen trees catch the slightest wind, dancing and swaying on their long petioles. This improved, modern cultivar of Lombardy Poplar is blissfully pollen-free and long-lived.

Another option to consider adds raging red fall color. Attractive Armstrong Maple makes a striking anchor tree for your foundation planting at the corner of your bungalow.

Add a natural vertical accent in a small garden with Slender Silhouette Sweetgum. These pretty trees offer star-shaped leaves, along with wild and wonderful fall colors. These fast-growing, narrow trees even produce seeds for songbirds.

Presenting brilliant colors all season long, Red Baron Crabapples are great as small columnar flowering trees. Enjoy a profusion of fragrant red flowers and gorgeous orange fall color.

And you might decide you'd rather have a columnar flowering shrub. Purple Pillar Rose of Sharon is the first columnar hibiscus. A major plus is its timing. The Purple Pillar blooms when other plants are done for the season.

Choosing the Best Narrow Evergreen Trees

Need a key focal point or privacy fence in your yard? Evergreen columnar trees display rich green foliage color and a wonderfully narrow growth habit.

Taylor Juniper is a slim, evergreen powerhouse for year-round color. Their tight profile adds a dashing accent nearly anywhere you've got full sun and well-drained soil.

Emerald Green Arborvitae is a perfectly shaped conifer. Once it is established, it requires very little watering and care. It's a marvelous height, too, providing privacy without feeling oppressive or heavy.

For classic sophistication, add our expertly grown Italian Cypress tree for a striking evergreen column. Lavishly sculptural, these tall skinny evergreen trees have been revered for thousands of years.

Or choose the Blue Italian Cypress tree for a magnificent blue foliage option. Punctuate your landscape design with an evenly repeated row, and you'll soon enjoy a fantastic garden feature.

Columnar Blue Spruce is an excellent selection of a beloved native tree. Why miss out on Spruce, when you can easily fit these handsome, columnar trees in your yard? They easily rank as one of the most sought-after tall skinny trees for landscaping.

Easy-care Hinoki Cypress trees turn a beautiful performance in your Asian-inspired Zen garden. Add a ruffled charm with these compact trees for small gardens

Columnar Flowering Trees and Fruiting Trees for Tight Spaces

No one needs to miss out on the big edible landscaping trend. Not when you’ll find a fine selection of naturally tapered columnar fruit trees at Nature Hills Nursery. Not only do you get white flowers in spring, but you'll love watching your delicious harvest develop. Plant a miniature backyard orchard in your sunny side yard — while boosting your food security at the same time.

As you can imagine, these fruiting columnar trees are incredibly popular. Order them right away if you see them in stock. Our selection of columnar flowering trees can include:

Columnar Trees as a Landscaping Dream

Get the high-end look you crave from the same source as many professional garden designers. All across the country, professional landscapers rely on our growers to ship beautiful, well-rooted columnar trees to their client's site.

Get More Design Ideas Here >>

Don't be the last person on your block to take advantage of these marvelously svelte trees. These glamorous, narrow trees look like they have their skinny jeans on.

Include Nature Hills Root Booster with your order. You'll add this symbiotic formula during planting to support the feeder roots throughout the life of your trees.

Go ahead and fall in love. Place your order for your favorite tall thin trees today; we'll ship it when the time is right for planting in your area.