Bare Root Trees


Bare Root Trees

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Bareroot nursery stock has been around for many years. In the early 1900’s, before large scale refrigeration became possible, bareroot trees were shipped coast to coast in enclosed railroad cars in late fall and winter. Many of the tall, stately trees we see in the East and Mid-West are the results of plantings of bareroot tree material.

Why Bareroot? Bareroot plant material is lighter in weight, costs less than containerized plants of similar size and is easier to handle, transport and plant! The dormant plants customers receive are full of stored energy in the roots and branches, so they are ready to come to life when exposed to warm soil and sunlight. There are just a few essential rules to adhere to when handling bareroot tree material:

1. Handle carefully so bark and root systems are not scraped or cut.

2. Do not let roots dry out at any time!

3. Until planted, the plants must be kept out of the wind, sun, and freezing temperatures.

Nature Hills uses modern present-day innovations and machinery to dig, transport, store, preserve, care for, package and ship bareroots. The steps we take assure our customers that they receive healthy, top quality, strong, viable bareroot specimens.