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Look Twice at Showy Accent Trees

Accent trees help complete the whole picture of your landscape. Even if placed in the background, their beauty gives your yard that finished look.

Accent trees are chosen to both blend in and draw the eye. Accent trees exhibit colorful leaves, unique branching, flowering color, and size variation.

Unlock the full potential of your property with noteworthy Accent Trees from You'll love the selection of small accent trees for landscaping to choose from!

Traits of a Modern Accent Tree

People across the country are craving color, unique form and high performance. Here are a few cherished traits that our customers appreciate:

Strong, Steady Evergreen Accent Trees

Don't overlook the power of year-round color and structure! Evergreen trees are excellent Accent Trees and bring an easy, natural charm all their own.

Many large-scale favorites—like Colorado Spruce—deliver visual impact through color and branch structure. Petite versions are being brought to market, which is a big boon for small space gardens.

On a modern property, use the gracious Baker's Colorado Blue Spruce. You'll create a living Christmas tree with these evergreen accents.

Add a Degroot's Spire Arborvitae for a unique, twisting texture. Sculpt the journey through your garden with its arresting growth habit.

Use striking Taylor Juniper as an exclamation point. Site them strategically, and you'll gain a nice privacy screen.

Many evergreen trees grow into works of art. Perhaps you've seen the darling weepers, like Slenderina Weeping Blue Spruce or Bruns Weeping Serbian Spruce.

How to Use Accent Trees in the Landscape

Try these designer secrets to add a serious amount of "wow" factor. Accent trees can be used throughout your yard and commercial property.

Foundation Planting

Accent trees ground a dominant feature of a house with the rest of the yard. They tie things together, so the sum is greater than the total of its parts.

Small accent trees for landscaping build excitement and draw your eye to your home's façade. Coordinate the colors of the brick, stone or paint with your tree.

Anchor the corner of your home with these ornamental trees. Please study the Plant Highlights on every product page to space them appropriately.

Add an Accent tree on the side of your entryway. Take time to study the angles when planting, and don't be afraid to prune it for a custom fit.

Top Accent Trees for the Front Yard

The incredible foliage of Tricolor European Beech makes it a dashing addition to your front yard.

Black Pearl Redbud brings magnificent spring flowers in very early spring; along with dramatically dark, heart-shaped leaves.

Shop for a small accent tree for the front yard. Use one on small lots, or group several in a lawn planting.

Patio Plantings

Expand your living space with a beautiful patio garden. Carve out a new mulched garden bed, or create a lawn planting bed.

Gift yourself and your guests a stylish, beautiful view to enjoy during those long summer nights spent laughing and star-gazing!

Backyard Accent trees can be a little more whimsical. Personalize your garden to your taste and live happily!

With its lovely, spreading form, Bloodgood Japanese Maple is a small tree that brings a calm sense of respite you can study for hours!

Create a Focal Point With Accent Trees

Even in a tiny yard, you can live large! Carve out outdoor garden rooms using Hedges and Ornamental Grasses.

Then, decorate the rooms with focal point trees. Give yourself something beautiful to study on a tour of your garden with full sun-loving and partial shade-tolerant trees.

The changing of the seasons can bring the focus to different parts of the yard. Plan for a succession of blooms using trees, shrubs, perennials and bulbs from

During the early summer when Japanese Lilac trees are in full bloom with fragrant white flowers, they become the focal point. But later that season, the Chinese Pistache tree becomes the focal point by offering outstanding fall foliage.

One of the most unique Accent trees is the Lavender Twist Weeping Redbud tree. It is a focal point for very early spring blooms, but works well all year long with its weeping form and contorted branches.

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