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Enjoy the Value and the Beauty of Trees

In the beginning of, trees were the very first product offered to our customers to add shade and depth to their landscapes. Still today we are huge fans of the woody plants, offering only the most beautiful trees on the market.
Trees form the frames of our houses and boost our yards to add shade and beauty to our landscapes.

Depending on availability, offers well over 200 different tree varieties. From small flowering trees, to fast growing privacy trees, and every colorful shade of a tree in between, we’re sure to have the perfect tree for you.

No matter where you are in the continental United States, we have trees that thrive in your USDA Growing Zone. We offer different types of Palm trees, Cherry trees, small Evergreen trees, Dogwoods, Japanese Maples, and many, many more! Each tree offers a unique look and adds countless benefits to your garden.

Please read the details for your tree of interest and pop by our Garden Blog to learn as much as you can about the height, spread, sunlight, and overall care requirements of your tree. You’ll want to select the right tree that loves the growing conditions of where you’ll plant your tree.

Click the photos to learn more or call our plant experts at (888) 864-7663 if you need help making a choice. We get it, there are just so many trees to choose from!

Trees for Every Garden

Trees can do so much for your landscape. Densely branched trees, like Arborvitae, offer privacy for the backyard and other parts of your landscape. Some trees, such as Magnolia, Redbuds, and Tulip Poplars develop ornate flowers that astound visitors during their season of bloom. Others, like the Maples, Autumn Blooming Cherry, and Ginko wait until fall to produce their brilliant red, crimson, blaze orange, and harvest gold foliage.

If you want to search for all the trees in a broad category, such as Accent Trees, Ornamental Trees, Fast Growing Trees, Privacy Trees, or Evergreens, visit our Shop by Type page.

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Shop the Tree Varieties

If you’re looking for an improved variety, or simply like to shop by name, you’ll love shopping by Variety. Browse our selections of your old favorites like Oak trees, Redbud trees, Magnolia trees, Willow trees, and more!

Expert plant breeders across the country are working hard to improve these varieties for better color, cold hardiness, drought tolerance, reduced seed set, and bigger, better blooms. They understand what today’s property owner is looking for when it comes to trees.

Stay up to date with the most improved trees on our Shop by Variety page.

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