Trees, Shrubs & Perennials For Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Flag
State Tree: Eastern Hemlock (Tsuga canadensis)
State Flower: Mountain Laurel (Kalmia latifolia)
Planting Zones In Pennsylvania: Zones 5, 6 & 7

Planting Zone Map for Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Plant Zone Map
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The Perfect Plants For Your Pennsylvania Home

As an original founding state of our nation, you can’t think of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania without envisioning the rich history of this birthplace of our constitution.  It’s also rich in climate and geography.  Pennsylvania shares a border with several other states, enjoys coastline along Lake Erie and the Delaware Estuary, and boasts the Appalachian Mountains--which run right through the middle of the state.  This diverse topography affects the climate of the state, with generally humid summers and cold winters prevalent throughout.  However, Philadelphia has some subtropical aspects and of course the mountains can produce a much harsher environment.  Wherever you live in this historic and diverse state however, Nature Hills Nursery has the plants and products to aid you in your gardening endeavors. 

Choosing A Tree For Your Pennsylvania Home

The Eastern Hemlock is the state tree of The Keystone State, but our Pennsylvania guests are also partial to such impressive trees as the Mimosa (with its enchanting, silken flowers), the fast-growing Royal Empress and colorful Weeping Cherry.  With so many Nature Hills Nursery products to choose from, your only limitation in choosing a tree will be your imagination. 

Selecting Pennsylvania Shrubs

Whether in an open countryside, along a quaint shoreline or in a bustling city, one is sure to see a variety of colorful shrubs in The Quaker State.  Pennsylvanians who visit Nature Hills Nursery often choose such vibrant shrubs as the BiColor Butterfly Bush and Common Purple Lilac.  Also popular is the American Holly with its distinctive, ornamental leaves.  For those who prefer a delicious harvest alongside their decorative foliage, the Black Beauty Elderberry is a prized choice.  All of these versatile shrubs, and more, are available at Nature Hills Nursery for our Pennsylvania guests to enjoy.

Popular Pennsylvania Perennials

Pennsylvania is known for many of its products.  Such names as The Steel State, The Oil State and The Coal State have become synonymous with “Pennsylvania”.  Perhaps one name it should also adopt is “the flower state”.  Wildflowers abound in Pennsylvania, and Pennsylvanians certainly enjoy their perennials.  Even homes with limited space often enjoy a few flowers on the windowsill or terrace.  Such perennials as Coral Bells, Lily of the Valley and Sage are commonly requested items at Nature Hills Nursery. 

Pennsylvania is certainly a lovely state, with deep historic roots and an equal dedication to its connection to the land.  Nature Hills Nursery has served Pennsylvanians and their unique needs for over 13 years, and stand ready to continue that favorable relationship for many years to come.

Penn State Agricultural Extension
Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture

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