Trees, Shrubs & Perennials for Ohio

State Tree:

  • Ohio Buckeye (Aesculus glabra)

State Flower:

  • Carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus)

USDA Growing Zones in Ohio:

  • 6 & 7

Choosing Trees & Shrubs for Your Ohio Landscape

Start a new flower garden or add just the right touch to your current yard with expert assistance from Nature Hills Nursery. We are more than just an online store — we have a staff of professional horticulturists who understand the needs of gardeners in the Buckeye State. Although Ohio is mostly a USDA Zone 6 growing region with small portions of Zone 5, the Appalachian Plateaus, Till Plains and Interior Low Plateau all have different growing conditions. We provide the info to determine which Ohio plants are the best for where you live.


Shop the Ohio state bestselling plants or select a category to see what our growers have chosen. You can get autumn blaze maples, Annabelle hydrangeas, creeping thyme and other popular Ohio flora — or even that famous Ohio Buckeye Tree. The product page lists everything you should know about recommended sun exposure, soil adaptability, flower colors, disease resistance and even whether the plant is pollinator-friendly. Many sizes of potted and bare root plants are available depending on your layout.


If you’re just getting started with being a green thumb, Nature Hills Nursery has many free Ohio gardening resources. These include our Plant Care Library, Garden Blog and Instant Chat. Tools, planters and other supplies are also available. Visit the customer reviews page to see why people choose Nature Hills Nursery for their next plants.