Trees, Shrubs & Perennials For Ohio

Ohio Flag
State Tree: Ohio Buckeye (Aesculus glabra)
State Flower: Scarlet Carnation (genus Lupinus)
Planting Zones In Ohio: Zones 5 & 6

Planting Zone Map for Ohio

Ohio Plant Zone Map
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The Perfect Plants For Your Ohio Home

What’s round on both ends and high in the middle?  Well, the great state of Ohio of course!  This lovely state boasts the advantage of a terrific location.  It links the Northeast to the Midwest with an extensive highway system (the 10th largest in the nation).  It also has the advantage of the Ohio River to its north. 

These two attributes bring a huge economic asset to the state in terms of cargo and business transportation.  Hot, humid summers provide an added benefit for its agricultural communities…and Ohio gardeners likewise profit from these conditions. 

For over 13 years Nature Hills Nursery has stood side-by-side with our Ohio guests in providing them with all their gardening needs.

Choosing A Tree For Your Ohio Landscape

Even if you’ve never been to Ohio, you’ve heard it called “The Buckeye State”.  The origins of the name are well-rooted in history, and related to the Buckeye Tree, which is of course the state tree of Ohio.  The Buckeye is an often-requested tree from Nature Hills, as is the American Sycamore which is popular for its fast-growing, impressive nature and decorative bark.  Likewise, the Autumn Blaze Maple finds a place of favor among Ohioans for its hardy, fast-growing nature and brilliant color.  The Mimosa Tree and Royal Empress are oft-requested trees as well and are among many other possible choices offered by Nature Hills Nursery for the Ohio gardener.

Selecting Ohio Shrubs

The Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry is one of the most sought-after shrubs by Ohioans that we carry at Nature Hills.  With its showy, autumn brilliance, lovely flowers and delicious berries it’s easy to see why this remarkable shrub is prized by Ohio residents.  The Black Beauty Elderberry has also risen to prominence in recent years among our Ohio guests.  This colorful shrub boasts deep-purple foliage and delicious fruit.  Just imagine some Elderberry jam on your morning toast or a succulent glass of Elderberry wine with dinner!  With the climate and conditions of Ohio, there are of course many amazing shrubs to choose from, and Nature Hills Nursery is ready with an ample selection of the best-of-the-best.

Popular Ohio Perennials

Drive through the state of Ohio spring through fall and you’re sure to be amazed by the abundance of wildflowers along the way.  Whether you live in an apartment in Columbus, the Allegheny Plateau or the Great Black Swamp, Nature Hills has perennial choices to fit your needs.  Our Ohio guests often prefer a variety of ornamental grasses, Sedum and adorable Bluebells.  An option for both indoor and outdoor perennials is the variety of herbs Nature Hills carries such as Sage with its ornamental appeal and variety of uses.  Whatever your needs as a gardener in the great state of Ohio, Nature Hills Nursery is here to fulfill them.

Ohio is sometimes known as the “Birthplace of Aviation Pioneers” (for its association with Orville Write, John Glen and Neil Armstrong).  Buckeyes know that pioneer spirit is alive and well today in its residents…even in terms of gardening.  A willingness to try new things, and strong sense of adventure coupled with a respect for tradition leads Ohioans back to Nature Hills Nursery year-after-year for all their gardening needs.

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