Trees, Shrubs & Perennials for Nebraska

State Tree:

  • The Eastern Cottonwood (Populus deltoides)

State Flower:

  • The Goldenrod (Solidago serotina)

USDA Growing Zones in Nebraska:

  • 5 & 6

Choosing Trees & Shrubs for Your Nebraska Landscape

Grow more than corn in Nebraska with growing tips from our in-house horticulturists. Nature Hills Nursery has the knowledge of how best to grow your garden with plants in the Midwest. Learn more about what plants are best for Nebraska’s growing conditions and how to cultivate them for the best results. From the American Elm that is the official state tree to evergreens, roses and privacy shrubs, we have the right plants to make your landscape sparkle.


Despite its relatively consistent climate from season to season, the Cornhusker State has many other factors influencing plant growth. The divide between the Eastern Dissected Till Plains and the Western Great Plains means different soil and moisture conditions. Nebraska is also split between two time zones, changing when the sun beams on your plants. Our team is on top of these considerations and many more. Call or use Instant Chat to speak with someone who can provide personalized advice.


We are America’s largest online nursery because we provide complete service to go with our Nebraska plants and accessories. Resources such as the USDA Plant Zone Map, Plant Highlight Facts for each variety and the 24/7 Garden Blog provide the knowledge you need. All plants ship directly to your door via FedEx Ground home delivery. If the plant arrives damaged or dies during the first year, we’ll replace it under the terms of our product guarantee. Our mission is to constantly improve our business so your garden will constantly do the same.