Trees, Shrubs & Perennials For Nebraska

Nebraska Flag
State Tree: Eastern Cottonwood (Populus deltoides)
State Flower: Goldenrod (Solidago gigantea)
Planting Zones In Nebraska: Zones 4 & 5

Planting Zone Map for Nebraska

Nebraska Plant Zone Map
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The Perfect Plants For Your Nebraska Garden

Who can think of Nebraska without envisioning the romance of the Old West! The vast plains of this state are rich in history and resplendent in natural beauty.  In fact, Nebraska was the origin of the first American Arbor Day, a fitting testament to a state that exudes a spirit of living close to the land, and its nickname of “The Tree Planters State”.  Nebraska is also rich in agriculture, well known as “The Corn Husker State” for its relation to corn and cattle (referencing “The Beef State” moniker it also boasts).  The Dissected till Plains and Great Plains comprise the major geographical areas of the state, and provide a vast array of gardening opportunities…that Nature Hills Nursery has served for over 13 years. 

Choosing A Tree For Your Nebraska Home

The state tree of Nebraska is the Eastern Cottonwood, and a lovely tree it is.  However, most often requested by our Nebraskan friends is the Royal Empress with its hardy, fast growing nature and gorgeous year-round assets.  Also popular is the Paw Paw (with its banana/mango-flavored fruit), and the October Glory Red Maple which (just as it sounds), provides a dazzling autumn display in the Nebraska landscape that must be seen to be believed.  The ever-lovely Tulip Poplar and enchanting Mimosa are likewise Nebraska favorites…but whatever tree is preferred by our Nebraska friends, Nature Hills Nursery stands ready to provide the best stock available at competitive prices. 

Selecting Nebraska Shrubs

Residents of “The Antelope State” (so named for the Antelopes that roamed the vast prairies), are discerning gardeners when choosing shrubs.  Favorite choices include shrubs that are both beautiful and functional.  The Black Beauty Elderberry merges “beauty” with a delicious harvest.  Common Purple Lilac creates a stunning display that combines color and fragrance for the landscape, with blooms that easily transition indoors.  The Green Gem Boxwood incorporates beauty with versatility and the Red Twigged Dogwood adds a splash of color to the cold, winter landscape.  Whatever the choice, Nature Hills Nursery has long been able to supply it for discerning Nebraskans who set their standards high for nursery stock. 

Popular Nebraska Perennials

Few things are lovelier on an apartment balcony in Omaha than some bright flowers.  However, whether in a big city, or in the backyard plot of a small city like Valley, perennials have long been valued by Nebraskans.  For over 13 years, Nature Hills Nursery has provided the favorites of our Nebraskan guests.  Popular choices are Allium, Sedum, Ajuga, Salvia and an assortment of ornamental grasses.  Whatever the preference of Nebraskans, Nature Hills Nursery has a stellar reputation for excellent products and services that meet the particular needs of Nebraskans.

Whether considering its impressive plains, historic Chimney Rock or the mighty Platte River (for which the state is named), Nebraska is certainly an interesting and nature-rich state.  Reminiscent of the Old West, Nebraskans still posses that strong pioneer spirit and high standards.  Its continued strong tie to agriculture makes it easy to see why Nebraskans choose Nature Hills Nursery time and again for their gardening needs. 

Nebraska Department  of Agriculture
University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension

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