Trees, Shrubs & Perennials For Missouri

Missouri Flag
State Tree: Flowering Dogwood (Cornus florida)
State Flower: Hawthorne (genus Crataegus)
Planting Zones In Missouri: Zones 5, 6 & 7

Planting Zone Map for Missouri

Missouri Plant Zone Map
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The Perfect Plants For Your Missouri Home

Prairies, rolling hills, mountains and rivers…Missouri is a midwestern state that seems to offer a little of everything.  Steeped in history and tradition, it provides a fascinating view into our country’s past and sets the stage for opportunities in the future.

If you’re a Missouri gardener you’re well aware of the diverse character of this “Gateway to the West”.  From the fertile, northern plains to the Ozark Mountains in the south, Missouri offers a rich diversity of soils and conditions…and Nature Hills Nursery has 13 years of experience in matching Missouri gardeners with plants that will help them to make a house a home.

Choosing A Tree For Your Missouri Landscape

The Flowering Dogwood is the state tree of Missouri, but Missourians know that there are many trees that do well in the “Missouri Territory”.  One of the most popular choices of our Missouri guests is the Bing Cherry Tree.  One of the finest varieties of sweet cherry you’ll ever find, Bing’s dazzling spring display and delicious fruit make it an exceptional selection for any cherry aficionado. 

Likewise, the Mimosa tree is an outstanding choice for those-in-the-know.  Fast-growing and resplendent in color and tropical characteristics, this multi-talented tree is a sure bet for almost any Missouri home. 

Autumn Blaze Maple, Royal Empress…and so many other Missouri-friendly trees, await your selection at nature Hills Nursery!

Selecting Missouri Shrubs To Buy

Choosing a shrub for your home is a delight with Nature Hills Nursery.  With the multitude of choices available, you can always find something to spruce up your yard in any season. 

Such options as the Bloomerang Lilac (a favorite among Missouri gardeners), and BiColor Butterfly Bush can brighten up your landscape with their prolific blooms of magnificent texture and color. 

With such gorgeous bushes as Pink Flowering Almond and American Holly also available, your only difficulty will be in deciding which ones to leave for next year.

Popular Missouri Perennials

Perennials have always been popular with our Missouri guests.  The numerous rivers, lakes and streams of Missouri provide a terrific source of fresh water, encouraging a wide variety of flora and fauna. 

Missourians who enjoy our products often choose the flowering Lavender, Phlox and impressive climbing Clematis for their homes, as well as the multi-use Sage that fits in almost anywhere. 

Whatever your preferences for your Missouri home however, Nature Hills Nursery has the quality products you have come to rely on.

Missouri has often been referred to as “the show me state”, and although no one knows the origin of that moniker for certain, it seems logical to assume that Missourians don’t take anything at face value. 

That tough Missouri attitude is why selecting plants from Nature Hills Nursery is the perfect choice for a Missourian.  Nature Hills Nursery has a long history of providing products that will fit the unique needs of the state.  Nature Hills has demonstrated its success with Missouri gardeners, and stands ready to fulfill your needs this year.

University of Missouri Lawn & Garden Extension
Missouri Department of Agriculture

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