Trees, Shrubs & Perennials For Michigan

Michigan Flag
State Tree: Eastern White Pine (pinus strobus)
State Flower: Apple Blossom (Malus domestica)
Planting Zones In Michigan: Zones 4, 5 & 6

Planting Zone Map for Michigan

Michigan Plant Zone Map
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The Perfect Plants for your Michigan Garden

From its sprawling city of Detroit to the natural majesty of the Upper Peninsula, Michigan offers immeasurable diversity.  However, no matter where you live in this “Great Lakes State”, Nature Hills has been meeting the gardening needs of Michiganders for over 13 years.  With one of the largest selections of plants and products, Nature Hills still maintains exceptional attention to customer service and the personal touch that keeps bringing Michigan gardeners back year-after-year.

Choosing a Tree for your Michigan Home

The Eastern White Pine may be Michigan’s state tree, but why not try a Paw Paw.  Sometimes called the “Michigan banana”, this lively tree provides tropical allure without concerns about the sometimes harsh Michigan climate.  Ornamental flowers and one-of-a-kind fruit add to the allure of this Michigan favorite. 

If something of a more stately nature interests you, then the Hybrid Poplar fits the bill.  Reaching 70 feet in height, it’s a fast-growing tree that’s sure to accent your yard with those gorgeous colors Michigan autumns are famous for. 

Perhaps you live in the more populated area of the state, where privacy is a concern.  An imposing Arborvitae Tree will provide you with a hardy hedge in no time.  This fast-growing cedar is both drought and cold hardy, ready to withstand Michigan winters and provide its lovely, scented boughs for holiday crafts. 

Selecting Michigan Shrubs

A much-loved flowering shrub that is often chosen by Michigan gardeners is Azuri Satin Rose of Sharon.  Even if you’re at the “top of the mitten” these vibrant blue beauties will fill your yard with natural beauty without also ringing the dinner bell for White-Tailed Deer. 

The Butterfly Bush is also a favorite among Michiganders for its prolific flowers that draw pollinators to the yard in summer. 

If evergreens are more to your liking, then you can’t beat the Green Mountain Boxwood.  The diminutive, dark green foliage holds its evergreen color better than most, and its 3-5 foot stature also holds its shape for a carefree presence in your yard.

Whether you’re in Michigan’s UP, Thumb or “lower mitten”, Nature Hills stands ready to meet your gardening needs this year.  Our extensive selection of trees, shrubs and perennials provides a variety of choices for your Michigan home.  Take a look at what we have to offer and let Nature Hills set you on the path to gardening success!

Michigan State University Agricultural Extension
Michigan department of Agriculture

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