Trees, Shrubs & Perennials For Massachusetts

Massachusetts Flag
State Tree: American Elm (Ulmus americana)
State Flower: Mayflower (Epigaea repens)
Planting Zones In Massachusetts: Zones 5, 6 & 7

Planting Zone Map for Massachusetts

Massachusetts Plant Zone Map
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The Perfect Plants For Your Massachusetts Home

Massachusetts is one of the most “historic” states in the union, boasting such pivotal events as the Boston Tea Party, the first Thanksgiving and the Mayflower Compact.  Few states can claim as rich and influential a lineage as the great state of Massachusetts…and that enduring legacy is still alive today.  The agricultural kinship the first Pilgrims shared with Massachusetts is mirrored in Bay Staters’ love of gardening…a devotion that has been nurtured and supported by Nature Hills Nursery for over 13 years. 

Choosing A Tree For Your Massachusetts Home

The American Elm is the state tree of Massachusetts, but our Massachusetts guests most often order such trees as the Lavender Twist Weeping Redbud (for its small size and breathtaking color), and the Paper Birch (with its stunning white bark).  Mimosa is also a popular choice, it’s delicate, silken blooms an asset to any landscape in The Bay State.  Whatever the choice however, Nature Hills Nursery stands ready to meet the needs of all of our Massachusetts friends.

Selecting Massachusetts Shrubs

Shrubs are an easy choice for Massachusetts.  Whether residing in the lovely Berkshire Mountains or the Connecticut River Valley, Nature Hills Nursery has the perfect shrub for every location.  Such favorites as the Rosy Glow Barberry (with a name that says it all), and the Common Purple Lilac (which is anything but common), are among the most requested from our Massachusetts guests.  Nature Hills Nursery even stocks ornamental shrubs to tease the palate.  The Consort Black Currant is a popular choice for Bay Staters, its spring/fall color and delicious fruit certainly a prize in any Massachusetts’s garden.

Popular Massachusetts Perennials

Flowers have always been a mainstay of our Massachusetts guests.  Whether residing in a classic Boston apartment or in a cozy Cape Cod beach home, those who call The Old Colony State their home chose Nature Hills Nursery for their perennial needs.  From colorful Allium and Salvia to elegant Hostas and impressive ornamental grasses, Nature Hills Nursery stocks all of our Massachusetts guest’s favorites. 

Massachusetts certainly has a rich and diverse gardening expanse.  The growing conditions of a north shore barrier beach varies significantly from the hills in the west, and a Boston apartment terrace garden is certainly different from the sandy soils of Cape Cod.  The Pilgrim State has a lot to offer in gardening diversity!  No matter where you reside in this great historic state, Nature Hills Nursery has the gardening products to fit your needs.

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