Trees, Shrubs & Perennials For Indiana

Indiana Flag
State Tree: Tulip Poplar (Liriodendron tulipifera)
State Flower: Peony (Paeonia lactiflora)
Planting Zones In Indiana: Zones 5 & 6

Planting Zone Map for Indiana

Indiana Plant Zone Map
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The Perfect Plants For Your Indiana Garden

Indiana is rich is its historic relevance to the nation, and today excels in the service industry, agriculture, mining and manufacturing.  It’s a state with a lot to offer and home to a populace with a wide variety of interests.  “The Crossroads of America”, Indiana has historically been a state that facilitated transition within the nation…and that nature of transition certainly applies to its gardening interests as well.  From the Great Lakes Plains through the “corn belt” of the Till Plains, to the Lowlands…Indiana encompasses a wonderful variety of conditions conducive to exceptional gardening opportunities.  For over 13 years, Nature Hills Nursery has met the varied needs of Indiana residents with its exceptional quality and service. 

Choosing A Tree For Your Indiana Home

Indiana means “land of Indians”, and that cultural understanding of living close to the land continues today in Indianaians and their gardening choices.  A favored choice in trees is the state tree, Tulip Poplar.  This remarkable, fast-growing shade tree provides gorgeous, tulip-like flowers in spring and brilliant fall color.  Likewise, Nature Hills Nursery often provides Autumn Blaze Maples to our Hoosier friends.  A fast-growing Maple, Autumn Blaze is a reliable source of “blazing” red color for Indiana homes.  Ginko, with its unique fan-shaped leaves and supremely hardy nature, is likewise a popular choice among Indianans…as are many other of our trees at Nature Hills Nursery.

Selecting Indiana Shrubs

From Hoosier Hill down to where the Wabash flows into the Ohio, Indiana’s geography allows for a variety of fascinating shrub choices.  Nature Hills Nursery has always stood ready and able to provide the favorite choices of our Indiana guests.  Such exceptional shrubs as the Common Purple Lilac (which is anything but “common” with its stunning blooms), the heavenly-scented Goldflame Honeysuckle and brilliantly-colored Chicago Fire Burning Bush are poplar choices.  Nature Hills Nursery continues to stock these fabulous shrubs and others for the gardening enjoyment of our Indiana friends.

Popular Indiana Perennials

Ajuga’s ornamental groundcover, the impressive blooms of Peonies and the fragrant foliage of Catmint are favored in “The Hoosier State”.  Nature Hills Nursery has long provided the very best of these lovely perennials, as well as the variety of ornamental grasses often chosen for Indiana landscapes. 
Whether a balcony garden for an Indianapolis apartment, a Ft. Wayne suburb landscaping project or small town Decatur garden, Nature Hills Nursery has been the nursery of choice for discerning Indiana customers for over 13 years.  No matter the gardening needs or size of the project, Nature Hills Nursery stands ready to meet the challenge. 

Indiana State Department of Agriculture

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