Trees, Shrubs & Perennials For California

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State Tree: Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens)
State Flower: California Poppy (Eschscholzia californica)
Planting Zones In California: Zones 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11

Planting Zone Map for California

California Plant Zone Map
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The Perfect Plants For Your California Home

Whatever name it’s known by, be it “The Eldorado State”, “The Land of Milk and Honey” or “The Promised Land”… California has always been a place of dreams and ambition.  With such a glowing image, it’s easy to see why the state of California is now the most populous of any in the United States. 

Even geographically, California is impressive.  Both the highest and lowest points in the contiguous U.S. reside in California, with a vast amount of diversity overall, providing an incredible array of landscaping choices to California gardeners. 

It takes extensive experience and products to meet the needs of the varied conditions in this state, and Nature Hills Nursery fits that description like few other. For over 13 years, Nature Hills has supplied California homes & landscapes, and stands ready to continue doing so for years to come.

Choosing A Tree For Your California Landscape

With the impressive Redwood forests of its northwest, it’s easy to see why California’s state tree is the Redwood-Sequoia. However, our California guests often choose a Royal Empress for their yard for its fast-growth and magnificent flowers.   

California is a leading producer of fruit and vegetables, but even if you’re not located in its agricultural Central Valley, you may want to try a Meyer Lemon or Haas Avocado. These trees are popular choices of our California guests and produce some of the best harvest you’ll ever experience.

Best Selling Trees in California

Royal Empress Tree
Royal Empress
Autumn Blaze Red Maple Tree
Autumn Blaze Red Maple
Hass Avocado Tree
Hass Avocado
Meyer Lemon
Meyer Lemon

Selecting California Shrubs

No matter where you live in California - along the Pacific Coast in the west of the state, the Sierra Nevada in the east, or the impressive northwest forests, Nature Hills has shrubs perfect for your conditions. 

For privacy or accent, our California guests often choose the Common Purple Lilac. Versatile, cold hardy and prolific in its presentation of fragrance and flowers, this one-of-a-kind lilac variety can’t be beat. 

Also a strong Californian favorite is the Frost Proof Gardenia. Whether in your garden or on your patio, this low-maintenance, cold hardy variety is stunning from spring until fall. With these, and so many other unique shrubs to choose from, it’s clear to see why Nature Hills Nursery is often the first choice of Californian gardeners.

Best Selling Bushes in California

Frost Proof Gardenia
Frost Proof Gardenia
Nellie Stevens Holly
Nellie Stevens Holly
BiColor Butterfly Bush
BiColor Butterfly Bush
Common Purple Lilac
Common Purple Lilac

Popular California Perennials

Californians love flowers. Even the Mojave Desert areas of the southeast sport some of the most fabulous blooms! If you love flowers as much as many of our Californian guests do, then take a look at some of our Californian-favorite products. The brilliant yellow blossoms of the hardy Coreopsis, the lovely and multi-use delicacy of Lavender and the stunning blooms of the climbing Clematis are just a few of the outstanding perennials Nature Hills Nursery has to offer.

The official nickname of California in 1968 was “The Golden State”, and just as California’s rich history will always be intertwined with the Gold Rush, this land of dreams and opportunity will always offer extensive opportunities for gardeners as well. A state as vast and diverse as California provides you with many choices of trees, shrubs and perennials…and Nature Hills Nursery is ready to supply you with everything you need to make your yard & garden a success.

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