Southern Living Plants

Southern Living Plants

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Southern Living

Nature Hills has added a select group of plants to its website offerings. ‘Southern Living Plants’ is a special group of plants specifically selected by Plant Development Services Inc. Plant Development Services Inc. owns and/or licenses more than 100 patented plant properties, including the number one azalea brand in the world, Encore Azalea. 

The Southern Living Plant collection is a partnership between Plant Development Services and "Southern Living"magazine.  "Southern Living"magazine reaches about 16 million readers each month. Nature Hills is proud to be offering these exclusive plants on our website.

Nature Hills is marketing this assortment of premium plants from the tree, shrub, vine, evergreen and perennial categories. All Southern Living Plants have been through an extensive testing program under a variety of conditions in the South. They are the ‘best of the best’, and consumers can be very confident in receiving quality plants that perform well from this category.

Carefully look at all the plants that carry the ‘Southern Living’ logo.  You will want to enhance your southern landscape by choosing a variety of plants from the wonderful selection we offer!