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That's why we've partnered with SmartPlant® & Tree Care to put garden experts in your pocket. Load your plants into your digital garden and we'll tell you how to care for them with custom care calendar notifications. We can also help you fight pests, diseases, and weeds.

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Update: I encourage anyone who is looking for the best app out there to cover all your questions this is it. This update is great. One tip is log in.. I have been using this app for quite awhile and they never try to sell me stuff or send tones of emails to me I am very impressed. I don't know much about plants and now I do. I love this app.

- BlueSky

This latest update is epic! These guys added a bunch of “finders” so now you can search for bugs, diseases, plants etc like you’re shopping. You narrow by the criteria—great for looking for the ideal plant you need. Even better when I’m trying to identify to figure out what the brown spots are in my guava tree leaves.

- JoyRising

I finally found an app that is focused on helping with my plants stay on track. Amazing calendar loads just like my google calendar with my tasks. The customization is so great since I needed to schedule tasks when I can do them. I love the local touch too. Unbelievable this is free. I am excited to see what’s next for this app.

- tobeone1


How to Use the Care Calendar

You'll never just forget to water a plant again! Add all of your plants to get personalized care reminders.

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How to Scan at a Garden Center

While you're at a garden center, you can scan a plant and add it to your digital garden with just the scan of a barcode.

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How to Identify a Plant (Premium Feature)

Saw a picture of a plant and not sure what it is? Saw a plant outside and want to know what species it is?

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SmartPlant® & Tree Care

EVERYTHING you need to grow flourishing plants & find new unique ones. All in a single place — your pocket.

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