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Ruby Voodoo Rose blooms
Ruby Voodoo Rose blooms Ruby Voodoo Rose overview Ruby Voodoo Rose close up Top 5 Most Gorgeous Roses | NatureHills.com
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Ruby Voodoo Rose

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Tough fragrant rose will cast a spell on your garden!

This rose is sure to cast a spell on you. You see, Ruby Voodoo (Rosa ‘Ruby Voodoo') has a secret. Not only is it an enticing color that will draw you in from across the garden, but once you start to get close the intoxicating scent will make your heart skip a beat.

To start, Ruby Voodoo has a difficult-to-capture-in-a-picture color. It is a wonderful purple/pink/magenta shade that gets richer the longer you look at it. It is shaped like an old English rose but has the modern health and vigor of a landscape shrub.

As striking as the color is, though, it is the powerful fragrance that makes Ruby Voodoo memorable and the star of your garden. The scent is an extremely rich, sweet traditional rose fragrance, the type that perfumers and candle makers try desperately to capture in a bottle or in wax, but are never quite able to do. You just need to pick a small bouquet of the roses from your garden and bring them in to your table to perfume your entire room!

Ruby Voodoo doesn’t just have big color and big scent. It has a big form. Growing 4-6 feet tall and wide, it commands attention in a sunny spot in your garden. After a big flush of blooms in early summer, it will treat you with sporadic blushes all summer long and into the fall.

Ruby Voodoo looks great with soft grasses and evergreens. Try it as a backdrop for perennial daylilies or classic lavender.

Whatever you do, don’t miss the magic! Order yours today.

* Fast growing
* Strong old rose scent
* Unique color 


Ruby Voodoo Rose Is Suited to Grow in Zones 4-9
Growing Zones 4-9
More Information
Brand Nature Hills Nursery
Botanical Name Rosa 'Ruby Voodoo'
Foliage Green
Mature Height 5 - 6 feet
Mature Spread 4 - 5 feet
Soil Type Well Drained
Moisture Average
Sun Exposure Full Sun
Growth Rate Medium
Flower Color Pink