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Rugosa Roses

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Hardy Rugosa Roses Deliver Natural Style!

Butterflies, birds, and pollinators love rugged Rugosa Roses for their fragrance, size, sturdy growth, flouncy petals, and ornamental Rose Hips!

These beautiful plants require no special care, but add so much to a naturalistic garden landscape as flowering workhorses and natural focal points!

The Rugosa Rose originated in eastern Asia, China, Japan, and Korea and is widely used as an ornamental plant! The common names Beach Rose, Sea Tomato, Salts Spray Rose, and Sea Rose harken to these plant's ability to handle salt spray and saline coastal conditions!

Landscaping With Rugosa Rose Bushes

Rugosa Rose shrubs are widely used in landscaping because they are tough and trouble-free! Create easy-going hedges and privacy installations, dividing property in a pretty manner! Useful as a barrier planting because of the thorny canes that few on two or four legs desire to tangle with!

The Beach Rose's salt tolerance means they are great to use alongside roads where deicing is regularly used! Coastal seaside gardens, roadside installations, and beach-front property again an informal summer-to-fall blooming Rose!

Numerous Rugosa cultivars are available with many flower colors - including pink, red, purple, and yellow! With both single and double-flowering varieties. Pollinators adore the nectar and pollen-rich blooms, attracting bees, butterflies, and other beneficial insects! Many of these Roses have wonderfully fragrant flowers, so they are ideal for cut flower bouquets!

In the autumn, as the crinkly textured green leaves begin to fade, Rugosa Roses produce very colorful "Rose Hips". While birds adore the seeds in the hips and you will love the winter interest they lend to the landscape.

While large enough to hold their own as a big accent plant, Rugosa looks equally good as backdrops and screening hedges! Rugosa can sucker and create small thickets when allowed, forming wildlife-friendly shelterbelts, groupings, and naturalized groves!

Tolerating lower moisture locations in the sun garden, you can use these bountiful blooms in pampered garden settings as easily as Rock Gardens and out-of-the-way areas!

These can be used in cooking to make Vitamin C-rich jellies, jams, and more! But of course, they also look fantastic in the late-season bouquet!

Caring For Rugosa Roses

These Sea Roses have great cold tolerance and are virtually pest-free. Growing best throughout USDA planting zones 3 to 8! Roses need full sun, at least 6 hours of sunlight a day for the most flowers, the best coloration, and the strongest canes.

Rugosa Roses prefer rich, well-drained soil with pH levels around 5.6 to 6.5. But, these Roses are very forgiving and can tolerate poor soil, and heavy (well-drained) clays and take lots of abuse and neglect. They are very forgiving for busy and new gardeners!

Rugosa Roses can be pruned based on how large you want the shrubs to be.

  • Prune Beach Roses almost to ground level in the spring if you wish to keep them small.
  • If you want them to grow large, but not deny yourself or your birds any of those showy Hips - just renewal prune by cutting out the oldest, fattest wood.
  • Rugosa tends to sucker when happy, so remove these from the base of the plant in the early spring for a single tidy shrub.
  • To keep a natural, full shrub, prune 3 to 10 inches off of the branch tips in the spring.
  • Read more about caring for Roses in the winter in our Garden Blog!

The heavily thorned branches give this Rose species some fairly good deer tolerance and grow fast enough to recover if the deer do have a nibble.

Order Rugosa Rose Bushes Today!

Fragrant, easy to grow, full and colorful, the Rugosa Rose is a standout heirloom that brings rugged beauty to your landscape! Click on a photo to read more about these floriferous Roses or call the Nature Hills knowledgeable customer service team at (402) 934-8116 today!