Landscape Shrub Rose Bushes


Landscape Shrub Rose Bushes

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Valiant Rebloomers Landscape Shrub Roses Bushes

If you love Roses, but think they might be too much work...think again. Many of our top-selling Rose plants are rugged and very durable.

We call these pretty workhorses "Landscape Roses". Add gorgeous style to your landscape the easy way with Landscape Shrub Rose Bushes!

Commercial landscapers rely on their high performance. You can do the same at home, too!

Create low flowering hedges for structure in your garden design. Fill a lawn planting bed with a mass of color!

This charming variety of Rose produces blooms over the long growing season. Buds appear in late spring, and the recurrent sprays keep coming through fall.

Rose bushes look great in your patio planters. They can perk up your foundation planting, too!

You'll find the right color and size with our large selection of Landscape Shrub Rose Bushes. partners with today's most popular brands to offer the world's most advanced modern Roses.

This charming variety of Rose produces blooms over the long growing season. Buds appear in late spring, and the recurrent sprays keep coming through fall.

roses in the sky

Why for Landscape Shrub Rose Bushes?

pink roses

You've seen the lineup of cheap Rose plants at big box stores. Did you know they were forced into blooming to appeal to retail customers?

We's easy to fall in love with the color and shape of these showy flowers! But plants that put that much energy into flowers won't have as much energy to growing their root systems.

Well, growing team is focused on the root system. Order Roses from us, and you'll be pleased with high-quality, well rooted plants.

Our commercial landscape-quality plants have a great long-term outlook and they are a great value. Add symbiotic Nature Hills Root Booster with your order for performance that never "wears out".

What are Landscape Shrub Rose Bushes? offers many types of Roses:

  • Tree-Form Roses on standard trunks to lift the blooms to eye level
  • Climbing Roses to cover trellis or archways
  • Hybrid Tea Roses feature long stems for vases
  • Grandiflora blooms are big and beautiful
  • Floribunda Roses for lavish clusters of blooms
  • Landscape Shrub Roses and Rose Bushes are disease resistant and rebloom all growing season

Miraculous modern Shrub Roses and Rose Bushes are natural crosses of many of these amazing Roses. Think how a Labradoodle displays the best of the family-friendly Lab parent and low-dander Poodle parent to get an idea! Sells Expertly-Grown, Repeat Blooming Landscape Shrub Roses


peach rosesPeople want easy-care Roses like Chuckles Rose that stay disease-resistant and have incredible color and form. They want beautiful, fuss-free blooms all summer.

Remontant means repeat bloomers. Modern Landscape Shrub Rose Bushes offer successive flushes of flowers.

This desirable, yet recessive, trait comes from breeding in wild Asian Roses and requires many generations of crosses. Since Roses are found naturally across Eurasia and North America, there are many starting points to bring a new Rose bush to market.

Plenty of Parents to Choose from for Modern Rose Bush Breeding

Wild Roses typically grew single blooms with one row of petals surrounding the center. Perhaps one plant would showcase more petals than others nearby.

It would be marked, and the pollen used to cover blooms from another plant. Seeds would be gathered, and planted to encourage the development of desirable traits like scent, petal form, color, bloom time and petal count.

There is perhaps no other flower with a longer entwined history with humanity. A wild fossil Rose was found in Colorado; and people in Ancient Egypt used Rose petals in their baths, perfume and other unguents.

In 1986, the Rose was even designated as the National Flower of the United States! Learn more here >>

Today, you can even buy rose bushes with different color roses. Easy on the Eyes is a highly pigmented selection that brings butterflies to your landscape!

Chicago hardy foliage

What is the Difference between a Bush Rose and a Shrub Rose?

Both are easy-care, although Bush Roses tend to be smaller. Groundcover Roses and Miniature Roses are both Bush Roses.

Landscape Shrub Roses include several Heirloom varieties, as well as wildlife-friendly, salt-tolerant Rugosa Roses. Larger in scale, people love massing these Rose Bush Collections to create "Living Fences".

Shop Drift® Roses from

Drift Roses are richly colored groundcover Rose Bushes that stay manageable in size. Keep them in garden containers for blooms from spring through frost; or plant them on slopes to cover wide, open areas.

Shop Easy Elegance® Roses from

Enjoy your garden with a crayon-box of color from fuss-free Easy Elegance Roses. No complicated pruning or chemical applications required!

Shop Eleganza® Roses from

Fragrant Eleganza Roses offer big, bright blooms. They are sure to stand out in any garden setting!

Shop Knock Out® Roses from

Add easy-to-grow Roses for blooms year after year. No other flowering shrub blooms as long as the Knock Out Rose family...or as often!

Shop Oso Easy® Roses from

Bushy, healthy foliage and beautiful blooms make Oso Easy Roses a Proven Winner®. There are many colors, sizes and forms...but they are all a wonderful choice through your sunny gardens.

Shop Sunblaze® Roses from

Superb Sunblaze Roses are brightly-colored miniature Roses that are perfect for containers or planted in the garden. These compact varieties bloom from spring to fall!

Care Tips for Landscape Shrub Rose Bushes

Are Roses Hard to Grow? >>

When all is said and done, very little maintenance is required to enjoy their lovely roses all summer long! The best thing you can do for Rose bushes is to choose a planting site in full sun and well-drained soil.

Roses flower best with at least six hours of sunlight a day. Avoid planting in low-lying areas that stay wet; or create a raised garden bed in that area to improve drainage.

Provide a consistent schedule of supplemental water for Landscape Shrub Roses. Sure, they are tough...but don't you want the very best performance for the most flower power?

Apply fertilizer at the base of the plant with a good Rose formula. Follow the label directions for application rate and schedule.

Prune your Roses in early spring to six inches from the ground. Remove any dead branches at ground level, or back to a main stem.

Please read the product page for your preferred Rose plant. We list all the growing details in the Plant Highlights.

Don't let an old-fashioned reputation stop you from enjoying one of the world's most loved flowers. Order large container sizes of well-rooted and easy-care Landscape Shrub Roses and Rose Bushes from today!


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