Rose Bushes

Rose Bushes

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Shrub roses are a wonderful category of rose plants that is quite diverse and eclectic. The rose shrub group of plants that encompasses roses from the small ground cover roses to rose plants that may grow to 8 foot tall with arching canes. This category includes one time bloomers to rebloomers. Read the descriptions carefully so you acquire the plant flower color and size that fits the area you desire. Shrub roses are used for privacy hedges and shrub borders. These roses are grown for the flowers and the rose hips they produce. Rose hips attract birds in the winter and are attractive in the duller, winter type landscapes colors.

Pruning shrub roses consists of removing any winter kill and maybe removing old canes in the spring. Remember if you deadhead the shrub rose plant, rose hips will not form. As a general rule shrub roses are very hardy and they can be found to fit climatic zones 3 through 10. Shrub roses have attractive foliage and are quite easy to grow. There are many shrub roses that would be superb container plants. Knockout roses are included in the shrub rose category. They are very popular for their hardiness and long bloom period. Nature Hills offer several varieties of shrub roses and they are listed below.