Hybrid Tea Rose Bushes for Sale


Hybrid Tea Rose Bushes for Sale

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Hybrid Tea Roses for Sale at Nature Hills Nursery

Picture Audrey Hepburn with her long, black cigarette wand, slim black trousers and dark cat-eye sunglasses. This classic look of pure fashion perfection transcends time, doesn't it?

Get the same appeal with our exquisite Hybrid Tea Roses. You’ll find an astonishing selection of hybrid tea roses for sale online at Nature Hills Nursery, enough to create as many fashionable displays as you wish.

And when we say fashionable, we mean it. We spend years meticulously caring for our hybrid tea roses before we place them for sale. That means you can buy large rose bushes online for an immediate impact on your landscape. Treat yourself to a Hybrid Tea rose collection in your garden, then snip a few to enjoy their gorgeous cut blooms indoors.

Your enjoyment of these showy blooms will be spiced with pride of ownership. Elevate your sunny spaces with your favorite hues.

Line your garden border with cockle shells. Nature Hills Nursery will sell you high-quality pretty maids all in a row.

We offer one of the most extensive online collections of dazzling Hybrid Tea Roses for sale, and we frequently sell out of the most popular tea rose varieties. If we have sold out of your preferred cultivar, add your name to the email back-in-stock notification.

Place your order for Hybrid Tea Roses any time of year. We will ship your order directly to you once the time is right for planting in your area.

Hybrid Tea Roses Have it All: Fragrance, Rebloom, Hardiness

Beautiful, fragrant Hybrid Tea Roses are the most popular type of Rose in the world. They produce a single, flawless flower at the end of each long stem.

Most Hybrid Tea Roses produce many flushes of blooms through the season. This welcome trait is inherited from their Tea Rose parentage.

They inherited their large flower size and hardiness from their Hybrid Perpetual parents. The large, fragrant flowers range from 4 to 6 inches in diameter.

pink hybrid rose

Each dynamic cultivar also produces a large number of petals. Tightly held buds open to beautiful, full flowers.

Hybrid Tea Roses are a long-established class of Rose that brings a wonderful range of flower sizes, colors and shapes. They make a wonderful display in the garden or in containers on your patio, porch or deck.

Show off your homegrown blooms to decorate your tablescapes. You'll want to splurge on a collection of bud vases.

Almost all of them are fragrant repeat bloomers. Include a long portion of their sturdy Rose stems and dark green, glossy foliage in your arrangements.

Hybrid Tea Rose Selection Guide By Color

Blue Hybrid Tea Roses from Nature Hills Nursery

Keep things cool and calm with Blue Girl Roses. They feature silvery lavender-blue, high-centered blooms and a marvelous scent.

Purple Hybrid Tea Roses from Nature Hills Nursery

Star power comes along with sultry mauve petals in Barbra Streisand Rose. This delightfully fragrant offering is a crowd favorite.

Red Hybrid Tea Roses from Nature Hills Nursery

Stop your garden visitors in their tracks with the blooming charms of Chrysler Imperial Hybrid Tea Roses. Velvety, crimson-red petals and a lush Damask Rose scent make this a top choice.

Pink Hybrid Tea Roses from Nature Hills Nursery

Pink is both pretty and powerful. Lavish fully double, cup-shaped blooms adorn Beverly Rose...which was named Best Hybrid Tea and Most Fragrant Rose at the Biltmore International Rose Trials.

Orange Hybrid Tea Roses from Nature Hills Nursery

Imminently livable soft apricot blooms and the easy-care nature of Just Joey Rose create a haven at your home. Just Joey is the winner of multiple horticultural awards, including the Royal Horticultural Society Award of Merit and World's Favorite Rose.

Yellow Hybrid Tea Roses from Nature Hills Nursery

Bold Midas Touch Rose blooms add a thrilling pop of rich, saturated color. Yellow is a happy color, and this All American Rose Society's (AARS) award-winner really delivers.

White Hybrid Tea Roses from Nature Hills Nursery

Impeccable bud and flower form are the hallmarks of fully double Pope John Paul II Roses. They feature more than 45 petals per bloom.

There truly is something soothing about observing the burgeoning life force in these miraculous Roses bushes. Consider adding a place to sit with a friend to enjoy the sight and scent of your Hybrid Tea Rose collection.

Hybrid Tea Roses make excellent focal points in oversized outdoor containers. Decorate your balcony with an incredible matched trio for tremendous fragrance and designer style.

Magical Story of Hybrid Tea Roses

It's no wonder Roses take on a larger sense of importance. After all, humanity has been growing and cultivating desirable traits like petal count and fragrance for 5,000 years.

Chinese gardeners developed extensive Rose gardens, while Egyptians traded cut flowers with neighboring Rome. Later, Parisians lined their streets with shops dedicated to herbal extracts for soaps and salves.

close-up pink

The first Hybrid Tea Rose was found on the grounds of a professional Rose breeder named Jean-Baptiste Guilliot. It's believed to be a cross between a Hybrid Perpetual, Mme.Victor Verdier, and a Tea, Mme. Bravy.

Modern-era Hybrid Tea Roses were made famous with the introduction of the beloved, multi-hued Peace Rose. This incredible story of a heroic rescue from the ravages of WWII still stirs the soul.

Notoriety for Hybrid Tea Roses has also been enhanced by the practice of naming Rose plants after famous people. In addition to the Amelia Earhart hybrid rose plant, you’ll find roses named after Betty White, Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Dolly Parton, Princess Diana and other flamboyant personalities.

Today's growers are on the hunt for the best overall rose possible. That means the rose that is the most fragrant with the best form, coloring and ease of care. Deep tones such as purples, bicolor blooms, repeat blooming, and vigorous nature is the new standard for these outstanding plants.

Care Tips for Hybrid Tea Roses

Lavish your love on them. Their effervescent charm and beauty more than makeup for their nominal care.

Full sun, great soil drainage and air circulation set the stage for success with Hybrid Tea Roses. Provide consistent water and Rose food. Conduct proper hygiene to pick up and dispose of leaf litter.

Hybrid Tea Roses have it all: beauty, fragrance and ease. Despite their intricate appearance, they are indeed easy to grow. Don't let their sulky reputation fool you. Hybrid Tea Roses are still a very modern rose bush, after all.

These are roses you'll want to check on the moment you come home. Go ahead and tell your Hybrid Tea Roses all about your day, and ask them about theirs. We bet they were busy looking beautiful, just like all the other hybrid tea roses for sale at Nature Hills Nursery. Place your order today. 

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