Rose Garden Roses


Rose Garden Roses

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  1. Coral Drift® Rose Tree Zones: 5-10
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Gorgeous Rose Gardens Delivered From Nature Hills!

Easily gain landscape color and fragrance with the clever use of modern Rose bushes!

Crave beauty? If so, you'll love using modern Rose Garden Roses in your garden! Enjoy lush blooms that last and last! These modern selections are incredibly easy to grow compared to the fussy Roses of yesteryear!

Types of Rose Bushes Available at Nature Hills!

Offering many stylish Rose Garden Roses - like Hybrid Tea, Floribunda, and Grandiflora Roses - you'll enjoy a dizzying selection that can turn any Rose Garden into a double-duty cut flower garden and pollinator hot spot!

Add curb appeal and gain points among the neighbors as you scoop up armloads of elegant blossoms for your floral arrangements! Many are fragrant, and a single bloom can perfume a whole room! We offer a huge selection of pretty Roses that will delight your eyes and nose!

But Nature Hills also offers Climbing Roses, Landscape and Shrub Roses, Groundcover selections, Miniature Roses, plus the ever-elegant Rose Trees to elevate your landscape to new heights as well! Miraculous modern Rose Garden Roses and Rose Bushes are natural crosses of many of these amazing Roses!

Roses for hedges, specimens, accents, memorials, and gifts … you name it - Nature Hills has you covered!

No landscape? No problem! These classy flowering ornamentals include many space-saving selections that are perfect for container gardeners! Potted patio specimens, planter thrillers on balconies, and front porch urns welcome you home with fragrance and alluring color!

Care Tips for Specimen Rose Garden Rose Bushes

When all is said and done, very little maintenance is required to enjoy their lovely Roses all summer long! The best thing you can do for your Rose bushes is to choose a planting site in full sun and enriched well-drained soil.

Roses flower best with at least six hours of sunlight a day, with morning sun being favored!

Avoid planting in low-lying areas that stay wet and that can accumulate cold air pockets. If that is all you are working with, then create a raised garden bed in that area to improve drainage and airflow.

Provide a consistent schedule of supplemental water for your Roses. Sure, they are bred to be tough...but don't you want the very best performance for the most flower power? Organically rich soil and a 3-4 inch thick layer of arborist bark chip mulch will greatly help you with soil hydration, moisture retention, and temperature insulation! Just please don’t let it pile up against the stems!

Add symbiotic Nature Hills Root Booster with your order for performance that never "wears out". Apply a quality Rose formula fertilizer at the base of the plant. Follow the label directions for the application rate and schedule.

Deadhead as the flowers fade to encourage reblooming all summer long! Prune your Roses in early spring to six inches from the ground. Remove any dead branches at ground level, or back to a main stem. For complete Rose Pruning, information on Winterizing Roses, Un-Wintering Rose bushes, and more - look no further than Nature Hills Garden Blog!

Find your Hardiness Zone, then find which Rose works for your area! Please read the product page for your preferred Rose plant. We list all the growing details in the Plant Highlights!

Why for Rose Garden Rose Bushes?

People want easy-care Roses that stay disease-resistant, low-maintenance, and have incredible color and form! They want beautiful, fuss-free blooms all summer!

You've seen the lineup of cheap Rose plants at big box stores. Did you know they were forced into blooming to appeal to retail customers?

We's easy to fall in love with the color and shape of these showy flowers! But plants that put that much energy into forced flowers won't have as much energy to grow established and mature root systems.

Well, has an expert team focused on establishing the best root systems possible to support these magnificent blooms for years to come! Order Roses from us, and you'll be pleased with high-quality, well-rooted plants!

Our commercial landscape-quality plants have a great long-term outlook and they are a great value.

Nature Hills Nursery offers a wide variety of beloved Rose Garden Rose bushes for you to adorn your landscape with! Click the photos to learn more, or call our plant experts at (402) 934-8116 today!