Garden Roses

Garden Roses

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The Garden Rose category consists of rose plants that date back into the 18th century and into the category of ‘modern roses’. Many of the older roses in the garden rose category bloom only once each year. Many of newer garden roses may bloom all summer long. There is a broad range of plant sizes in this classification. The heights may range from 2 feet to 8 feet tall. Garden roses encompass a broad range of colors and fragrances. The Old Garden Rose plant exhibit delicate colors and the newer garden roses tend to be blends or pastels and bold vivid blooms.

Garden roses are members of the rose family (Rosaceae) and belong to the genus Rosa. Roses have been the favorite flower of many old civilizations. Roses are probably the most recognized of ornamental flowering plants. The rose family contains about 2500 species. The most popular ornamentals of the family are the true roses. Hundreds of rose varieties have been created by cultivating species roses and crossing them with other rose varieties to form beautiful hybrid rose plants. Young nations and old nations have recognized the rose as their countries emblem. The rose is the emblem of England and it is the national flower of the United States. Nature Hills offers several varieties of garden roses and they are listed below.