Floribunda Roses


Floribunda Roses

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Fabulous Floribunda Roses At Nature Hills!

The prolific flowering and heavily petalled Floribunda Rose has been a beloved Rose Garden standard for hundreds of years!

Floribunda Roses are a result of crosses between Hybrid Teas and Polyanthas Roses, which were originally Climbing Roses with closely packed bunches of semi-to-fully double blooms! The resulting Floribunda retains the best of both parents and now there are an astounding number of these Rose bushes for you to choose from in a dizzying array of colors!

Floribunda Roses are well known for their long season of bloom! The Roses appear in clusters and are medium-sized, about 2 to 3 inches in diameter each, but the big multi-flower clusters can be huge, especially when fully open! Plus, Floribunda Roses are rarely out of flower!

Using Floribunda Roses Effectively In The Garden

Typically scented due to their Hybrid Tea Rose roots, Floribunda Roses are easy to grow and quite hardy in a wide range of USDA planting zones. Any sunny location with good drainage is ideal for these shapely flowering ornamentals, even containers and planters!

Sometimes called Landscaping Roses because of the round to upright leafy forms and lovely presence the shrubs have in the garden, but the Floribunda category also includes groundcover and Standard Rose forms.

Their low height makes them ideal for borders and lining walks or drives, and taller forms can become screening, hedges, and flowering backdrops to other flower garden residents. They are quite striking when they are used in mass plantings and groupings!

Pick Your Color!

From the lavender blue Arctic Blue™ shrub and tree-form to the Sweet Madame Blue™ to the dreamy pure white Iceberg, Easy Spirit™ and White Licorice™, there is a Rose hue just for you!

In pinks, you can enjoy the barely there Earth Angel™ Parfuma® Rose to the baby pink of Sexy Rexy™, or the shockingly in-your-face Celestial Night™ and romantically quartered Queen of Elegance™, and everything in between!

Sultry reds include the deep dark Drop Dead Red™ Rose and Oh My!™, to the smokey Cinco de Mayo™ and unique Hot Cocoa™!

Passionate purples like Intrigue, Ebb Tide Rose, and Celestial Night™ Rose enchant you while more subtle lavenders like Silver Lining™, Love Song™, and Violet's Pride™ Rose to infuse their soft hues to the sun garden. Then there is even the striped mixture of plums, violets, and purples of the Purple Tiger Rose!

Heat things up with the Vavoom™ Rose Bush, Chihuly® Rose, the frilly Easy Does It™ Rose or the glowing Forever Amber Rose with their orangy juicy hues! Dive into peachy apricots with Jump For Joy™ Rose and Cream Veranda® Rose if you want a more pastel approach!

Bring some cheer with the sunny and lemony yellow Roses like Doris Day and Julia Child™ Rose, Sunbeam™ Veranda® Rose, or the effervescent Sunsprite Rose!

Can't decide on a color? Try the best of both worlds with mixed color Floribundas like Ketchup & Mustard™, Sheila's Perfume Rose, Color Cocktail Rose, Frida Kahlo®, Oranges 'n' Lemons™ and the Scentimental™ Floribunda Rose!

Successfully Growing & Caring For Floribunda Roses

Floribunda Roses are easy to care for! They are not the fussy old-fashioned varieties that need constant pampering, but they'll be happy if you want to lavish all your attention on them if you do!

They are easy to prune, mostly they can be trimmed lightly with shears to shape in the spring when you see new growth appearing along the branches. You can read all about Pruning Roses, wintering and un-wintering Rose bushes, and more success tips in our #ProPlantTips Garden Blog!

Deadheading will keep those blooms returning all summer into the fall, any time during the flowering season.

Fertilize these plants in early spring and then again lightly in late spring. Mulch the roots with 3-4 inches of arborist bark chips and compost to keep them cool and moist, insulated, and free of weed competition.

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Gorgeous and floriferous Floribunda Roses at Nature Hills and enjoy the fragrance, beauty, and nearly non-stop blooming of these frilly and lively flowering ornamental shrubs!

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