Multi Colored Roses


Multi Colored Roses

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There are several types of Multicolored rose bushes. Generally, a multicolor Rose bush will have a blend of two colors within the bloom. The center of the bloom will be one color, while it will be bordered by a different color. This contrast in color on the bloom itself lends to an extremely beautiful contrast within the entire plant.

One of the most striking multi-colored Rose bushes is the Playboy Rose. This bi-color Rose bush has a border of deep red surrounding the golden-yellow blooms. Hardy in zones four through nine, this Rose bush embodies all the colors of sunset and has a slight fragrance from its flowers. The flowers bloom profusely and are widely grown. This multi-colored Rose bush is a must for any Rose garden.

A second popular Multi-colored Rose bush is the Double Delight Tea Rose. This multi-hued Rose has petals that are a blend of virginal white and bright red. The spicy perfume of this flower will fill the garden air during the entire blooming season. Hardy in zones five through nine, this Rose is very disease resistant and upright.

A third common Multi-colored Rosebush is the Rainbow Happy Trails Rose. This prismatic Rose combines the colors of white, pink, magenta and apricot to remind viewers of a summer dawn sky all summer long. Hardy in zones four through nine, this Multi-colored Rose bush has a lovely fragrance of tea.