Groundcover Roses


Groundcover Roses

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When is a rose not just a rose? When it’s hardworking groundcover, of course! Browse groundcover rose bushes at Nature Hills Nursery to fill your garden or containers with gorgeous, low-growing color that requires very little maintenance.

What Are Groundcover Roses?

Groundcover roses are rose bushes that stay short in stature, come in a variety of forms and colors, and have long spreading branches. Roses are considered a ground cover when they get no taller than three feet at the height of maturity. The rose groundcover shrub grows from the base of the plant and spills across the ground. It can also climb over low walls or the edges of containers. These continuously flowering shrubs can add a splash of bright color to flower beds and borders. Groundcover roses are very robust low-growing plants that need little maintenance.

Caring for Groundcover Roses

Ground cover roses are hardworking, fuss-free plants that show toughness, disease resistance and winter hardiness. These plants don’t prevent weeds from growing, nor do they form a dense mat like vinca or ivy.

Serious rose care can seem difficult and time-consuming. Low maintenance is a major reason for choosing groundcover rose bushes, as they only require the same treatment as other roses if you want them to keep their shape. While an occasional pruning of the center of the plant will help let air circulate, you mostly need to fertilize and water them regularly. In early spring, cut back the plants by two-thirds while they are still dormant. 

Where to Plant Groundcover Roses

For an easy-care accent to your garden or yard, mix groundcover roses with perennials or other flowering shrubs for a dramatic and colorful effect. Pair the buttery white and creamy yellow of Popcorn Drift Roses with Red Osier Dogwood for an eye-catching contrast. The romantic peachy-orange tint of Peach Drift™ Roses complements nearly any evergreen shrubs. Our popular Red Drift Groundcover Rose Bush adds a vibrant hue to any planting and looks spectacular spilling forth from containers.

The Nature Hills Nursery Guarantee

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