Groundcover Roses

Groundcover Roses

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Ground cover roses are short in stature, come in a variety of forms, and have long spreading branches.  Roses are considered a ground cover when they get no taller than 3 feet.  The rose ground cover grows from the base of the plant and spills across the ground, or climbs over low walls.  The continuous flowering can add a splash of bright color to flower beds and borders.  They are very robust low-growing plants and need little maintenance.  

Ground cover roses are hardworking, fuss-free plants that show toughness, disease resistance, and winter hardiness.  These plants don’t prevent weeds from growing, or they do not form a dense mat like vinca or ivy.   Requiring the same treatment as other roses, they need pruning to keep their shape, and an occasional pruning of the center of the plant will help let air circulate; fertilize and water regularly.   In early spring, cut back the plants by two-thirds while they are still dormant.  Mix many colors with perennials or other shrubs for a dramatic and colorful effect.