Most Fragrant Roses for Sale


Most Fragrant Roses for Sale

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  1. Purple Pavement Rose Zones: 2-7
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  2. Forever Amber Rose Zones: 5-10
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Fragrant Roses for Sale at Nature Hills Nursery

When you want to make an immediate impact on your landscape, go with Fragrant Rose bushes from Nature Hills Nursery. The colors, shapes and aroma of the flowers on these gorgeous rose bushes are simply stunning.

The perky, lavish blooms of these fragrant trees can be enjoyed in garden containers, or trimmed regularly for cut flower arrangements indoors where the scent can be enjoyed throughout the home.

You can stop wondering where to buy fragrant rose bushes. You’ve found your source with Nature Hills Nursery. Find the fragrant trees that work best for you by finding your planting zone. Then filter the results by USDA zones, sun exposure levels, color or a host of other options. Our ever-growing collection of fragrant roses for sale is backed by our product guarantee and protected by Plant Sentry™ to ensure regulated plants aren’t shipped to regions where they become invasive.

Anna's promise rose bloomsCheck out some of our most popular fragrant Roses below:

  • Ebb Tide Floribunda 
  • Sweet Drift Rose
  • Livin’ Easy Rose
  • White Licorice Rose
  • Anna's Promise Rose
  • Fragrant White Roses like Blanc Double de Coubert Hybrid Rugosa Rose


How do you make Roses smell stronger?

The most fragrant roses often have more petals and thicker petals than the lighter-smelling counterparts. Darker hues also seem to be more fragrant than pale blossoms.

Growing conditions can also contribute to the intensity of the rose’s fragrance. The most fragrant roses tend to like warm, sunny weather and consistently moist soil.

Where is the best place to plant a Rose bush?

Planting rose bushes in the right spot makes all the difference. Fragrant roses will do best with the following conditions:

  • Full Sun, with at least six hours of sun each day
  • A well-drained site
  • Rich, organic soil
  • Adequate air circulation
  • Consistent water

Check out our article on : Planting Roses in the Garden or visit our Planting Guide for additional info.

How do I prune my roses?

Pink rose bushPrune rose plants in the early spring before you see new growth. There are many benefits to pruning.

  • Remove dead and diseased wood. Prune canes at a 45-degree angle.
  • Improve air circulation and sunlight reaching the interior of the plant.
  • Encourage fresh growth with vigorous flowering canes.
  • Remove old canes at the crown.
  • Cut younger canes back to about 6 to 8 inches above the crown.
    • For Climbing Roses: Cut flowering canes back by one-third or one-half.
    • Smaller roses and miniature bushes: Cut back to 2 to 4 inches.

Our garden blog has some great info on rose pruning, such as the article discussing When Do I Prune My Roses?

As America’s largest online nursery, Nature Hills Garden is your go-to for the best smelling roses and fragrant flowering trees. Shop our selection of fragrant rose bushes, and place your order today.


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