Organic Arp Rosemary

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Rosmarinus (USDA Organic) Rosemary, Arp, Rosmarinus officinalis 'Rosemary, Arp', is a tall, stout shrub growing 4 - 6 feet tall and 4 feet wide in zones 6 - 8. The leathery leaves are long, narrow, and tend to turn in on them.

Rosemary, Arp produces small flowers that are pale blue, white, or pink. Aroma: The oil is extracted by steam distillation and has multiple applications in aromatherapy. Cosmetic: An ingredient in shampoos and conditioners used to decrease dandruff and works as a tonic to stimulate.

The flavor has been described as a cross between sage and lavender with a touch of ginger and camphor. It is great for use with greens, meats, and eggs; excellent with tofu. Medicinal: A very strong antioxidant. It can be used to increase circulation, reduce headaches, and fight both bacterial and fungal infections.
Harvest Rosemary anytime by snipping the ends of the stems. This will cause your plant to bush out. If you do not want it to bush, pull off a few leaves or sprays. Never take more than 20% of the plant.

Rosemary is so much better fresh because it dries into tough little sticks that stick in your teeth or ruin the consistency of culinary dishes. Besides drying, you can freeze whole sprigs. When you need some, remove from the stem. Frozen rosemary is stronger than fresh.

* Small flowers
* Leathery leaves
* Medicinal uses


Growing Zones 3-9
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Brand Nature Hills Nursery
Botanical Name Rosmarinus
Soil Type Well drained
Sun Exposure Full Sun