Regal Privet

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Fast Growing Hedge

It is a short list of shrubs that beat out privet for making a great hedge. Privet can be found from Europe through Asia and across the Americas. It can be clipped and trimmed like a military haircut or gracefully spreading like a billowing dress. It is equally at home along the edges of a garden, hemming in a palace or defining the foundation of a shopping mall.

The Regal Privet (Ligustrum obtusifolium var. regelianum) is a lower form of this hardy shrub. Left to its own devises it has beautiful spreading branches that mature to a fountain-like hedge. Pruned, it makes a tight form that is the perfect garden backdrop, foundation-hider or walk-edger.

Though it is grown for its dense foliage that makes an impenetrable wall, it also blooms for you. The small fragrant white flowers are freely produced, followed by dark blue berries that persist into the winter. Birds and wildlife love them.

'Regal' Privet works well as a specimen or in masses. It is semi-evergreen, grows fast and tops out at 10-'12' if you let it. It is highly adaptable to many urban stress situations, so plant it in your toughest places.

'Regal' Privet prefers moist, well-drained soils in full sun to part shade in humid southern environments, but is one of the better deciduous hedges for northern climates, too.

It is a tough plant, a hard worker and will be a boon to your garden. Order yours today!

* White Flowers in Spring
* Dark Berries Through Winter
* Adaptable and Prunable


Regal Privet Is Suited to Grow in Zones 3-7
Growing Zones 3-7
More Information
Brand Nature Hills Nursery
Botanical Name Ligustrum obtusifolium var. regelianum
Foliage Green
Mature Height 10 to 12 feet
Mature Spread 10 to 12 feet
Soil Type Widely Adaptable
Sun Exposure Full Sun, Partial Sun
Growth Rate Medium
Flower Color White