Lo & Behold® Pink Micro Chip Butterfly Bush

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Months of Gorgeous Pink Blooms Right Up Until Frost

A newcomer to the Lo & Behold series of miniature buddleias, Pink Micro Chip features continuous blooms (rather than waves of blooms), that continue from early summer into fall.  

Long panicles of lavender/pink blossoms rise up above the foliage creating a picture perfect floral display for your yard.  Pollinators love Pink Micro Chip’s subtle fragrance, their fluttering wings amongst the blooms an added enchantment to an already magnificent, little shrub.  

Your Pink Micro Chip Buddleia is a dwarf buddleia that will grow only 2 feet tall with an equal spread.  It has a well-branched habit and mounding nature.  Pink Micro Chip never needs deadheading and is very low maintenance.  Pruning in early spring will ensure a dense, more floriferous shrub, but isn’t necessary.  

It doesn’t produce seeds, so it’s not invasive like some other varieties (and certainly less messy).  Pink Micro Chip Buddleia, once established, is a hardy shrub, able to tolerate some cold, heat and drought.  Wildlife love it, but deer pass it by.  Plant a few of these for a low-growing, decorative border or place a few near other plantings that are less prolific in their displays.  Pink Micro Chip is sure to brighten even the most drab garden area. 

Butterfly bushes are always in high demand.  However, their size can sometimes turn homeowners away, as can their invasive nature.  Pink Micro Chip Buddleia is a way to enjoy the advantages of a butterfly bush without the downsides.  It’s a small plant with huge appeal for your yard this year. 

* Long-blooming flowers
* Dwarf size
* Heat and drought tolerant, once established
* Cold hardy, once established
* Seedless 


Lo & Behold® Pink Micro Chip Butterfly Bush Is Suited to Grow in Zones 5-9
Growing Zones 5-9
More Information
Brand Proven Winners
Botanical Name Buddleia x 'Pink Micro Chip'
Foliage Green
Mature Height 18-24 Inches
Mature Spread 18-24 Inches
Soil Type well-drained
Moisture Moderate
Sun Exposure Full Sun
Growth Rate Fast