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Buy Veronica Plants From Nature Hills!

The pretty spires of the Perennial Veronica plant (Plantaginaceae) is one of the largest Genera in the flowering plant world and include over 90 Genera and about 1,900 Species!


Veronica can also go by the name Speedwell, Bird's Eye, and Gypsyweed! This attractive perennial produces tall, slender, and tightly packed spikes of flowers that come in white, blue, pink and purple! Sometimes called candles, these flowers are actually densely packed florets that bloom from the bottom up for a long-lasting display!

Typically upright growing mounds and clump-forming plants, the smallest is the Giles Van Hees Veronica at just 4 - 6 inches in height, to the 12-18 inch tall Sunny Border Blue Veronica. These are all superior cut flower plants and vital nectar and pollen resources for a wide array of pollinators!

The glossy leaves have an ornamental wavy edge and the plants are quite easy to grow, reliable and long-lasting!


Sometimes confused with Sages and Salvias, Veronica is in the Plantain family and lacks the aromatic leaves and square stems of their similar Mint-family cousins. They do, however, have sweetly fragrant flowers that you and your butterflies and Hummingbirds will delight in seeing Veronica form their vertical towers of color throughout the sun garden!

Caring For Veronica Plants

Veronica can be herbaceous annuals, perennials or small shrubs, but the varieties Nature Hills ships are perennial throughout USDA plant hardiness zones 4 to 9.

Plant these Perennials in the spring or fall and provide well-drained soil with full sun to partial shade. This sturdy plant can take clay or heavy, wet soils as long the soil is in a well-drained area. All plants appreciate a 3-4 inch deep layer of arborist mulch to protect them from the summer heat, and winter chill, and to keep moisture levels consistent all year round.

Tall varieties may have to be staked. If not pruned yearly, some varieties tend to get leggy. The best time to prune and shape them is in the spring, and regular deadheading during the blooming season can extend the flowering period.

Vivacious Perennial Veronica at Nature Hills!

There are many uses for this Veronica: in borders, beds, in containers, or as a groundcover. It will be showy all summer while smothered in pollinators! Classic border garden, Cottage garden, and cut flower garden plants in unusual hues and textures that aren't too often found in the landscape!

The Veronica plant has many great qualities and unlimited uses in a sunny garden! The showy flowers and attractive foliage provide color well into the fall, and these plants are striking when planted in groups.

Use the taller varieties for borders and Rock gardens, and the shorter growing plants work well in borders or as groundcovers.

Veronica is a must-have in a flower garden! Check out all the gorgeous varieties available at today!