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Sedum plants are perennial, hardy, and drought tolerant plants used for mass plantings and as individual ornamental plants. There are hundreds of species of sedums and they are widely grown because of the ease of care. Sedums are very versatile in the landscape and can be used as groundcovers, in rock gardens, for edgings, for borders, for beds, hanging baskets and fillers. Sedums are also used as houseplants. Place them in area in the house that gets 4 or more hours of direct sunlight or more than 12 hours of strong artificial light. Most sedums should be planted in full sun to partial shade and in well drained soil.

Sedum offers spring, summer and fall interest. Sedum foliage is attractive during the growing season and many of them are adorned with beautiful flowers in early fall. Some Stonecrop sedums are left standing during winter months and the plant stalks add a vibrant appearance to a winter landscape. Along with a beautiful plant, the added benefit of sedums is the butterflies they will attract.