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Salvia Plants

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  1. Mexican Bush Sage Zones: 7-10
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Lovely long-blooming Salvia, also known as Perennial Sage, are prolific flowering upright plants that are drought and deer-tolerant members of the Mint Family! 

The Salvia Genus is a large group of plants of nearly 500 species that are native to Mexico and South America. Salvia species include a wide range of annual, biennial, and perennial plants. Many Perennial Salvia plants have fragrant foliage and lend a distinctive but pleasant odor to the garden!

The blossoms are in flowering spires full of two-part lipped petals that are nectar and pollen-rich resources for a wide variety of pollinators! They also look fantastic as vertical texture in the landscape and floral bouquets!

Salvia attracts butterflies and Hummingbirds and is versatile enough to be used in beds, borders, ground covers, planters, and for naturalizing en masse!

Nature Hills Favorite Salvias


Here are some of our fan-favorite Salvias and Perennial Sages that are sure to look fantastic in your landscape or container garden!

  • May Night Salvia - Dark purple blooms and mat-forming clumps
  • Bumbleberry Salvia - Dramatic amethyst purple blossoms
  • FASHIONISTA™ Pretty In Pink Salvia - A pink flowering Salvia
  • Pineapple Sage Plant - Heat-hardy red Salvia that Hummingbirds love
  • Azure Snow Salvia - A sky blue and lavender blue vivid blossoms
  • Snow Hill Salvia - A unique white-flowered Salvia

Even Culinary Sage like Sage Plants, Robert Grimm Dwarf Sage, Common Sage and Intense Sage are Salvias!

Fantastic edging and Pollinator garden plants, Salvia's long bloom time and dense mats of foliage are great weed-blocking garden fillers!

Dramatic blooms all summer and reblooming until fall, Salvia are ideal Cottage garden and Xeric garden specimen as well as gorgeous container thrillers! That means any garden can enjoy a Salvia even if you don't have a yard!

Annual or Bedding Salvia are seasonal color in the landscape and mixed container plantings in the sun, but are only perennial or biennial in mild winter climates. In these warmer growing zones, perennial Salvias can act like woody shrubs!

Caring For Salvia Plants

Salvia plants and Perennials bloom best in full sun to partial shade and these Mediterranean plants are xeric and need very well-drained moderately moist soils. Plant Salvia in areas with good air circulation to help prevent mold forming on the foliage.

Once established, Salvia is a very low-maintenance plant! Very pest and disease-resistant, Salvia is also seldom bothered by deer or rabbits due to their aromatic foliage and flowers!

Deadhead your plants as soon as flowers fade and often you'll enjoy a new flush of flowers! If pruning is needed for perennial Sages, do so in the spring. Annual bedding Salvia that is used for seasonal color typically dies back in the cold winters and should be removed in the fall once frost kills the foliage and stems.

Long-Lasting Easy-Care Blooms!

Nature Hills grows quality Perennials with mature root systems so you get healthier plants delivered to your doorstep! These plants establish faster and have a bigger impact on your landscape!

Check out all the Salvia available on our website and click on a photo or give our expert customer service reps a call for help choosing which of these incredible plants for your Hardiness Zone! Order yours today and start enjoying these versatile, adaptable, and gorgeous plants!

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