Russian Sage


Russian Sage

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Russian Sage plants are one of the most trouble free semi-woody shrubs around, requiring very little care if planted in a well-drained area. Russian Sage is drought tolerant and mostly disease free with several distinctive features. Perhaps its best feature is its long stems that are smothered with its striking flowers and small leaves. You may be able to force a re-bloom if the stems are pinched off after the first flowering episode fades away. This plant provides a unique, pleasant aromatic odor when the leaves are crushed. There are several choices of flower colors and sizes within this Russian Sage family. If a shorter stemmed plant is needed for your landscape, just pinch off the stems when they are about 1 foot tall.

Russian Sage plants are an excellent plant for xeriscape gardens. The delicate grayish foliage blends in well with just about any other perennial; combine this sage with ornamental grasses and succulents for a stunning and colorful contrast. This sage blooms for a long period and maintains its striking silver-white stems for winter interest, and the plants are deer and pest resistant. For further information click on any picture or call Nature Hills at (402) 934-8116.