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Russian Sage

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Russian Sage Plants at Nature Hills Nursery

Russian Sage plants are one of the most trouble-free semi-woody shrubs around - elevated with aromatic sage green foliage and airy fragrant lavender-blue spires of blooms! This herbaceous perennial plant provides a unique, pleasant aromatic odor when the leaves are crushed. Xeric, Firewise and easy to grow - we’re sure you’ll love Russian Sage!

Need more of a reason to adore these upright airy perennial plants? The blooms are a fan favorite of honeybees, bumblebees, butterflies and hummingbirds! Exactly the qualities you’d expect from these Salvia family members! These are fantastic perennials for areas that Lavender finds a bit too moist, or where you need something taller with more impact!

The delicate grayish foliage blends in well with just about any other perennial; combine this Sage with Ornamental Grasses and Succulents for a stunning and colorful contrast. This Sage blooms for a long period and maintains its striking silver-white stems for winter interest!

Russian Sage BloomingRussian Sage requires very little care if planted in a sunny, loose and very well-drained area, and is drought tolerant (Xeric) once established! Provide moderate moisture on a regular basis for new plants to get them established in their new home. These long-blooming, disease-free varieties have several distinctive features, perhaps their best feature is how pests and deer often pass them by, while the aromatic oils in the leaves keep away Mosquitoes!

Diligent deadheading will encourage a rebloom if the stems are pinched off after the first flowering episode fades away. 

There are several choices of Russian Sage flower colors and an array of sizes available! So find yours today at Nature Hills!

Browse only for Russian Sage plants perfect for your planting zone using our USDA zone filters, choose sun exposure levels, or narrow the options by color and other options.

Family-owned and operated since 2001, Nature Hills Nursery prides itself on meeting the needs of customers with an ever-growing collection of online plants backed by our product guarantee and protected by Plant Sentry™. Look through our helpful blog on Sage, Salvias & Veronica Plants, or browse our other options below:

All of our Russian Sage perennials are delivered safely to your home with instructions on planting, care and storage, so you can order knowing you’ll have exactly what you need! 


Does Russian sage come back every year?

Russian Sage is an easy-care and low-maintenance herbaceous perennial!

Is Russian Sage invasive?

While not a native plant, Russian Sage plants are not invasive and stay right where they’re planted.

Does Russian Sage like sun or shade?

Russian Sages do best in full sun and have the strongest stems and most blooms in at least 6 hours of sunlight a day.

  • Full Sun
  • Low Moisture Needs Once Established
  • Well-Drained Soil
  • Prune To 6-Inches When Dormant - Late Winter to Early Spring

What is Russian Sage good for?

Perfect perennials for pollinator gardens, en masse plantings, tough sites, and dry, arid sites. For color all growing season long and fragrance too, Russian Sage looks great in beds and borders throughout both home and commercial sites!

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