Hosta Plants for Sale


Hosta Plants for Sale

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Hostas for Sale at Nature Hills Nursery

A popular perennial with striking good looks, Hosta plants are a landscaping favorite. You’ll find a spectacular selection of Hostas for sale right here at Nature Hills Nursery.

Hostas with rock in landscapingAlso known as Plantain Lily, Hostas originally came from Japan, China and Korea. Introduced to the United States in the mid-1800s, the Hosta is a shade-tolerant foliage plant. Hostas are perennials sporting ornate leaves that vary widely in size, with the smallest varieties called miniatures. 

Hosta flowers have six petals and are generally white, lavender or violet, held on stems called scapes. These plants provide an ornamental focal point in any garden with eye-catching foliage. They are also edible and grown as vegetables in some Asian cultures, although they are also toxic to some animals.

You’ll find Hostas for sale online in a wide range of sizes, shapes and colors. Some are variegated, while others display brilliant hues of blue, green and even chartreuse.

You can find the perfect Hosta plant for your planting zone using our USDA zone filters. You can also filter the Hosta selection by sun exposure levels, color and other options.

To make things even easier, we’ve created different categories you can browse with a click:

Check out our Garden Blog for information on How to Care for Hostas.

Hosta FAQ

Do Hostas come back every year?

Hostas are tough perennials that come back year after year. They also expand in size each year, thanks to their production of rhizomes that branch off the parent plant. You can divide your Hosta every three to four years. 

Vibrant Hosta plantsWhat is the best time of year to plant Hostas?

  • Perennials do best planted in spring. Planting can be done in early spring after the ground has thawed up until about six to eight weeks before the summer heat kicks in. 
  • You can also successfully plant perennials in the fall, after the heat has subsided and up to six to eight weeks before your ground freezes for the winter.

Why shop hosta plants for sale at Nature Hills Nursery?

  • All of our Perennial Hostas are delivered safely to your home with instructions on planting, care and storage. You can order with confidence, knowing you’ll have exactly what you need.
  • Family-owned and operated since 2001, Nature Hills Nursery prides itself on meeting the needs of customers with an ever-growing collection of online plants.
  • All our plants are backed by our product guarantee and protected by Plant Sentry™. Plant Sentry is software that helps ensure regulated plant materials aren’t shipped to prohibited areas.

One more reason to go with Nature Hills Nursery is the vast selection of Hostas you’ll find. Whether you’re looking for white, variegated or purple Hosta plants for sale, you’re likely to find them on our website. Browse the selection and place your order today.


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